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    Fuel Rail Screw Will Not Come Out

    I was trying to remove the fuel rail to fog the intake today. One of the screws holding the fuel rail on keeps spinning, so I can't remove it. I heard a snap and now the screw just spins. I do not see any damage to the plastic. Has anyone had this happen to them? Thanks
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    Trailer Tire Replacement

    My 2008 Karavan trailer still has the original tires on it. They are dated April 2007. The treads still look good. Does anyone still have the tires on their trailer that long? I have read that 5-6 years is the maximum that you should keep the tires because of internal dry-rot. When does...
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    Utopia 205 SE Anchor

    I am trying to find an anchor that will fit into the front storage compartment. Either the shaft is too long or the width is too short etc... In order to fit the anchor I have now, I =27&hash=e2aedf0581073ff529e754e5d190bd65']Attach fileshave to put it in backwards. It is a pain to do. I was...
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    Corrosion On Pumps And Reverse Buckets

    I have a question on my 08 Utopia 205. What is the corrosion that is on the pumps and reverse buckets from? I purchased it from someone in Maine, but was told that it was only used in freshwater. Could it have been ran in saltwater from a previous owner? What is the best way to clean it up...
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    Long Beep After Startup

    When I start up both engines, I get a long beep. It does not do it every time. I searched and found an old thread that discussed this very same thing. The thread is closed and no resolution was found. It definitely is not the depth finder. The beep is coming from the beeper. Is anyone...
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    Checking Antifreeze

    I tried checking my antifreeze with an old Prestone hydrometer but the tube did not fit into the canister. Does anyone know of a model that will fit into the canister? Also, at what interval do you guys change your antifreeze? Thanks
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    4 Stroke Oil Types

    Can the Seadoo OEM synthetic blend be mixed with standard off the shelf Castrol 10W-40? The Castrol oil meets all of the specifications that the owners manual and service manual list out but is way cheaper. If I use the oem in one engine and later switch to the Castrol, will there be a problem...
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    Utopia 205 Ride

    I am considering upgrading from a 98 Challenger 1800 to something like a Utopia 205 with the two 155HP engines. Does anyone know if the ride and chop handling is better? Thanks
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    Starboard Engine Lockup

    After going for a ride I shut down the motors, no problem. After an hour or two, we went to go back, the port engine started right up. The starboard engine would not crank over, just a click from the solenoid. I checked the solenoid, and the battery is good. So I pulled the pump, the pump...
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    Challenger 1800 Throttle Lever

    My port engine throttle lever (which is in the center between the reverse bucket and starboard throttle lever) is always loose no matter what I do. I am able to adjust the tension on the right throttle lever and the shifter. The service manual points to an adjustment screw that goes to the...
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    Challenger 1800 Boat Placement On Trailer

    Could anyone who has a Challenger 1800 like mine chime in. I would like to know if the back end of their hull lines up with the very rear of the bunks? As shown in my attached pictures, the back end of the hull is about 3 inches forward of the back of the bunks.\ The reason I am asking is...
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    Replacing Mirror Glass

    I want to replace the mirror glass in my rear view mirror. I have a local glass shop that can cut out the required shape but I am afraid that when I install it, it will break. Has anyone done this before, will using some heat make the plastic flexible enough? I think that the Doc has made a...
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    98 Challenger 1800 Windscreens

    Still looking for a pair of windscreens/storage box covers for a 98 Challenger 1800. Anybody have any they want to sell or know of where I may find them? Thanks
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    Throttle Cable Question

    I need to replace the throttle cable on my Challenger 1800 because it broke just under the levers. I noticed a big difference in price betweeen SBT and Seadoo. Since Seadoo and SBT does not make cables, are these the same cables or is there a difference in quality? Also, SBT only lists one...
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    Removing Scratches

    As the attached pictures show, I have some scratches in the green areas of the hull. Has anyone removed this type of scratch before? Does this need to be painted over because it is green, or can it be buffed out? Thanks
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    Challenger 1800 Windshield

    I am looking for a 1998 Challenger 1800 passenger side windshield. The piece with the push button lock. I broke mine putting on the cover. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement? Thanks
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    Fuel Line Leak

    I just rebuilt my carbs, everything seems to work, the engine starts right up. But the magneto side carb has some gas leaking on the fittings. I think its the lower fitting as shown in the picture that goes to the PTO carb. I used stainless steel worm clamps and kept tightening them up but I...
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    Oiling question for the 787

    1. I have two questions, the first being what grease can I use on the PTO grease fitting? The manual states to use synthetic grease. It would be very convenient to use marine grease since this is what is already on the grease gun for the trailer hubs. 2. I put some SAE30 oil in the...
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    Possible Engine Corrosion

    Just before I stowed my boat for the winter I took some engine pics. I know they are a bit fuzzy but I did the best I could. I was wondering if the irregular surface is nothing to worry about or do they indicate interior engine corrosion that could mean trouble. As far as I know the engines...
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    Compression Testing

    I am looking for a sanity check, I checked the compression on my 98 Challenger 1800. I measured exactly 100psi in all 4 cylinders. The engines ran fine all summer, but I wanted to do a compression check since I purchased the boat at the start of this boating season and I wanted to get an...