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  1. Rdessewffy

    97 xp throttle cable plastic thingamajig at handle bar ( small piece)

    Any one know how this piece goes in? I tried all kinds of ways and doesn't seem to do anything. The parts and shop manual show it in horizontal and vertical positions respectively. It doesn't click or snap in and is really loose fit every way I try. Thank you!
  2. Rdessewffy

    97 xp motor mount bolt broke in piece glassed into hull

    Does anyone know what that piece looks like and dimensions? I read a great thread on here by mikidymac where he did some glass work to fix but I was hoping to avoid cutting the piece out and fixing it. I want to machine a solid aluminum spacer and bolt that through the fiberglass and into the...
  3. Rdessewffy

    97 xp oil fill plug at crankcase

    I ruined it trying to get it out. I looked all over and can't find a replacement. Does anyone know where to get it or if there is a compatible one with same diameter and thread pitch? In manual it shows there is also an o ring for this but mine didn't have one..... did previous owner remove or...
  4. Rdessewffy

    Hole in exhaust pipe

    I grinded all the paint off and when I got to this spot it looked like body filler was in there. I took it all out and this is what I'm left with. Anyone come across this issue? Can I actually use Duraglass filler to fix it? Hope I dont need a new pipe.... thanks all....
  5. Rdessewffy

    97 xp PTO flywheel removal

    Motor is out of hull. Can't lock other end to be able to twist it off. I read a thread on here from 2011 that said fill PTO cylinder with rope.....really? That scares me... is this really a thing? I first read it and thought I should shove rope in the gear, so I dod that but just shreds the rope lol
  6. Rdessewffy

    Brass fitting on carb removal

    Both carbs same fitting clogged( ones with zip ties on them). I've been sticking pins, paperclips, compressed air, carb cleaner and gas in them and can't unclogg. My last option is to remove them but not sure how. I tried to twist a bit but didnt want to bend them. Should I use heat? Any idea...
  7. Rdessewffy

    97 xp vs. 95 xp starter rebuild

    All the rebuild kits I'm seeing say they work for both models. They say they are sold for brushes but some of other parts might work and I get that. I cross reference the brushes and holder and they are two different part numbers. Some of other parts match up but I'm most concerned about the...
  8. Rdessewffy

    951 stator corrosion

    Can I just use I write brush to clean this up? Is there a way to test this out of the engine? I sprayed electric contact cleaner on it and started to use a pick but stopped thinking I might make it worse. Thanks.
  9. Rdessewffy

    98 951 electric socket? How to remove from cover....

    Can't get it out. Afraid to break it. Any trick or advice much appreciated! Thanks! Pics show inside and out. I tried to gently use a flat head screwdriver from inside to release but not working. Figure I'll ask you all, thanks.
  10. Rdessewffy

    97 xp oil drain

    Everything I read says there is one, but I can't find it. Maybe someone can point it out in pic? I can't believe I dont see it..... thanks
  11. Rdessewffy

    Brass washer sealant

    It goes between the pipe cone and head pipe. Manual says to use Loctite 17614. What can I use instead? Permatex gasket maker? Thanks
  12. Rdessewffy

    97 xp engine alignment dilemma

    I just bought an SBT engine alignment tool and it's very simple to use. When I send it through the plate from the rear it touches the bottom of the through Holland is not centered. By the time it reaches the engine its 1/4 inch too low. I checked and re-checked to see if the alignment plate was...
  13. Rdessewffy

    97xp carb fuel line routing

    The previous owner eliminated the choke and installed a primer. As far as I can tell (I`m not a mechanic, but I can do anything with the right help lol) he was having problems with starting which I think I fixed. I believe it was the rotary valve amongst other things. I am putting it back...
  14. Rdessewffy

    97 xp rotory valve damage

    Previous owner rebuilt top end and carburetor, but I dont know how long ago. I've never had it in the water since I got it. I did get it running after I put a new starter in it and in driveway ran fine them put on side of house for a while. I pulled the engine because I thought I had a gas tank...
  15. Rdessewffy

    97 XP fuel cap gasket for drive system mistake???

    Parts book shows this gasket as being part of the drive system but I think it's a misprint. When I took it apart I didn't see one and can't even figure out how its applicable. Makes no sense.... any ideas? Thank you!!
  16. Rdessewffy

    97 xp fuel selector

    I bought an aftermarket and it's 1/4 inch. Original is 5/16. One of the lines refuses to 1/4 , so does it really matter? Should I buy another? Thank you!
  17. Rdessewffy

    Gas evaporated?

    I have a 97 xp and it's never been in water since I've had it ( 2 years). I put 2 or 3 gallons fuel in it ( I got it empty) , got it running and left it outside in Florida sun for 2 or 3 months. When I pulled it into my garage the tank was bone dry.... thought I had a leak for sure. Ive read...
  18. Rdessewffy

    PTO flywheel

    1st post here. This forum is awesome. Hope I can get some ideas about my problem, and save some time. 98 GTX LIMITED, 947 engine. I got it with only 33 hours on it. Was not running, but I rebuilt carbs and now it ran. I started it many times ( never got in water yet). Yesterday I started it 2...