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  1. sheldon2es

    GTR 230 vs RXT 230

    I just realized the GTR is 807lbs and the RXT 230 is only 805lbs. So my whole idea of the GTR 230 being the lightest/smallest performance craft isn’t so true anymore. They’re only about $1-2k apart at dealers, what would you get? The GTR 230 or RXT 230? basically the 230 GTI hull or 230 in the...
  2. sheldon2es


  3. sheldon2es

    Rx -> rxp

    If this sounds familiar from GreenHulk, that's cuz it is. long time lurker, but i finally cant find something from the search bar. Plus, you folks are a different group of opinions than greenhulk. I have a 2000 RX Millennium. Love the thing. Just would like it to be a hair larger and more...
  4. sheldon2es

    Intro and projects. Couches and superjet.

    ello greekhulk riders! I've often googled and seen the site but never joined as never been too into the couches. So let me just jump into a little about me. Michigan. 26. Love any powersports. I buy and sell a lot of toys just to mix it up. When I was little we had mid 90's Polaris...