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  1. biffdotorg

    Ladder for my challenger

    Replacing or adding? The OEM for most SeaDoo ladders is Windline. They will even custom build a ladder if you have a specific application. For ladder options, Overtons has a 40% off coupon available now for orders. Good luck
  2. biffdotorg

    2001 Challenger 2000 - how do you remove snaps for snap in carpet

    Most of those snaps are actually screwed in. There should be a screw head in the middle of the snap. Back it out and fill the hole with 3M 5300. Good luck
  3. biffdotorg

    Ride Plate Adjustment & Steering Assist adj

    If you have the stock plate, lower it as far as possible as you will want as much down force on the bow as you can get. Most of us replaced the stock with an extended ride plate to get even more down force as these hulls porpoise horrible above 40mph. So get the aft portion as low as you can...
  4. biffdotorg

    Pictures of the Mercury M2 pump intake grate area HELP

    Are you in need of a grate? Or looking to replace with the stainless or "rock grate" That's what we did and got rid of the spring loaded grate as tines were breaking. And you know the pieces would go through the pump Good luck,
  5. biffdotorg

    Broken torx - rideplate

    Yup, same thing happened to me. We ended up using ez outs, (failed) and drilling it out (bigger failure) but filled the opening, drilled and tapped it for new bolts. Some ended up using a bolt all the way through. Not sure how that worked out. Mine worked out just fine and used new...
  6. biffdotorg

    Painful sight on Aruba in the Caribbean...

    Besides SugarSand and the Bayliner Jazz Ranger even had a sportjet powered bass boat! SeaRay Sea Raider F16 Lots of custom river boats The Baja Blast Mercury even offered their own line of boats like the Cyclone for a while (euroline) Streaker Raptor Regal Rush Boston...
  7. biffdotorg

    SOLD (SOLD) 2002 SeaDoo Challenger X20 x-20

    I had 4 full asking price offers within 3 days and sold with money in hand in one week. $11K. That is above NADA and KBB, but it happens to be a high demand configuration. This may or may not apply to your Utopia, especially now in August. Honestly, there are two factors that may have sold...
  8. biffdotorg

    Challenger extended ride plate

    Just the opposite. Setting it low takes the bow down and decreases porpoise. Beef up the hardware though, I sheared bolts twice over two seasons. It's worth it for sure.
  9. biffdotorg

    Mercury sea doo 3cyl

    Very true there. Yamaha and Kawasaki had their own engines as well. As far as the Arctic Cat Tigershark, that should have been some sort of Suzuki motor. It sounds like you have an outboard engine, an actual outboard powerhead from a Merc/Mariner.
  10. biffdotorg

    Looking at a 2005 Islandia with 250 Optimax - What should I be concerned about

    No, for all we know he replaced the throttle cable and bought one that only let the throttle open 80%. There are a lot of red flags in this whole deal.
  11. biffdotorg


    That's the point, is to put more pressure on the nozzle. It is the only force steering your boat, and with it, will allow your steering efforts to be better put to the water. These nozzles are designed for the force of that the jet pump. Honestly after all the years that we ran that X20 with...
  12. biffdotorg

    Looking at a 2005 Islandia with 250 Optimax - What should I be concerned about

    That's not an Optimax if he says it's a 240hp Merc. Those are two different engines. Obviously, the 250 10 more hp, but it is direct injected and requires DFI oil. Where as the 240hp is EFI and uses Mercury Premium Plus oil. Either way, if they run, they will run a long time. If they...
  13. biffdotorg

    2001 Islandia Ski Mods

    The ball is designed to keep the rope out of the water when towing tubes. But not for knocking down spray, although that is a slight side benefit. When skiing, the rope will never hit the water, so the ball will have little effect. When tubing, just keep the kids crossing the wake, rather...
  14. biffdotorg

    2000 Sportster 1800 still pulling hard to the left. Anybody out there?

    I could be wrong, but a Starboard List (Leaning to the Right side) would cause it to turn right. If your boat is turning to the Port side (left), then the weight in the drivers side would actually counter that. I noticed that my weight would cause this, only at slow speed. Once on plane, my...
  15. biffdotorg

    Challenger 1800 2002

    Be sure to confirm that by VIN if at all possible. It may not matter, as the powerhead my fit either way. But in 2002 the 250 Opti and 240 EFI were the engine options in the 2000/X20. (the only reason I share this, is I had the 2002 brochure in my document packet that I included with my X20...
  16. biffdotorg

    Challenger 1800 2002

    Possibly, but that is a huge drop in power. Did it come with the 240EFI or 250 Opti originally? From what I remember, rebuilt 2.5ltr 240efi Powerheads were in the $3700 range and still available. Not cheap, but that's in near new condition being a rebuilt. If the boat is in good shape, that...
  17. biffdotorg

    Challenger 1800 2002

    Sorry to say, there is a reason that boat was sitting with no engine. If they pop, many are not willing to spend the money to put a different engine in at the prices quoted. If the pump is there, a new powerhead and rebuilt powerhead is available. Others can correct me if I am wrong, but...
  18. biffdotorg

    NOS 03-04 challenger cover

    Thank you for the quick reply. Good luck with your sale.
  19. biffdotorg

    NOS 03-04 challenger cover

    Did you still have these covers? Can you confirm that this is for a Challenger 2000? Does it list x20 with tower by chance? Or have you had one out of the box and seen the slots for the factory tower? Thank you Mark Lawson
  20. biffdotorg

    Sea Doo Sea doo Challenger jet boat X-20 X20 storage cover OEM 280000028 NIB

    Curious if you had any more of these? I see you sold three on Ebay. Please let me know if you do. Thank you, Mark