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  1. Spimothy Leary

    Assorted Seadoo Stuff, Cleaning out some overstock

    I un-hoarding my seadoo stuff, have too many things laying around and need to clean out the garage. If you think i'm overpriced shoot me an offer but I think things are pretty fair and if you buy more than one thing i'll obviously combine shipping. my inbox is limited due to site...
  2. Spimothy Leary

    Florida, Hurricane IRMA Stay Safe!

    Stay safe everyone, myself and about 1,000 customers are right in the path of this monster so we're keeping our fingers crossed and preparing for the worse but hoping for the best. If you are in Florida, make plans NOW.... if it continues on this path i'm likely to head out of dodge as...
  3. Spimothy Leary

    96 XP Assorted Box of Goodies

    I went out to buy a set of carbs for a 96xp and the guy had a full crate of parts leftover from a part-out so I ended up buying everything he had. I'm overloaded on stuff in my garage so i'm willing to bundle this and get rid of a box. I'm estimating shipping around $20-25 depending on...
  4. Spimothy Leary

    MPEM compatibility question

    97 GTX, MPEM 278001133 (278001242) The one piece unit,,, very expensive to replace are there other compatible MPEM's that can be used, even if they might impact the functions of the gauges? just checking to see if there less expensive options for this.
  5. Spimothy Leary

    Loss of RPM / Speed RXTX

    2008 rxtx stage 1... Ski not running right, sigh. Can't say for sure if it was a sudden or gradual loss, the last 4-5 rides i've had have been very slow group cruises with no high speed runs but when I went out with 1 fast buddy two weeks ago, I noticed this major issue (speed/rpm) and a bit...
  6. Spimothy Leary

    Considering expanding my hobby to include selling Motorcycle parts.

    As many of you may know that i've made a productive hobby out of buying old beater 2 strokes and selling off the parts, mostly on ebay but a few private sales as well. Its been profitable and pays for my time/labor/investment, and I have creative control over the ski's I buy and can ramp...
  7. Spimothy Leary

    Heavy Porpoising on 96 XP, hesitation off idle, RPM gremlin?

    After sticking my nose in my buddy's business I talked him into a Rossier pipe & jetworks valve with extended 95 xp tabs, splash guard. had his/my tuner install & rejet. I picked it up yesterday and took it out for final carb/tuning. I personally have been off of 2 strokes for a couple of...
  8. Spimothy Leary

    1st Annual Yamaha Kawasaki See-Doo Challenge

    I'm heading to this event on 6/11/16 with about 6 ski's just thought i'd pass along for anybody close to SW Florida that would like to come down for some fun 1st Annual Yamaha Kawasaki See-Doo Challenge Midwest Food Bank Saturday, June 11, 2016 from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM (EDT) Cape Coral, FL...
  9. Spimothy Leary

    WTB Need a couple of Steering Cable ends for a 97 GTX

    I've gone through my assorted pile of stuff and can't find even one. I need a couple of them, will purchase or trade, I have all kinds of stuff. edit: looks like the vts L shaped arm has the same end on it, so one of those would work as well. Thanks in advance !
  10. Spimothy Leary

    where to find the little plastic seat corner protectors ?

    i'm looking on the chart for those little protectors that cover the weak points on the seat. 2007 gtx, I want to get a complete new set all in black, which i assume would have been on other model gtx's...
  11. Spimothy Leary

    Disc Brakes on a Trailer ? How the hell does that work

    I know I can just ask google but I thought it would be an interesting discussion. There is a trailer deal i'm working on: its a dual axle trailer with Kodiak Disc Brakes, I have never driven a trailer that had/needed them, and i'm honestly completely clueless as to how it works. Does my...
  12. Spimothy Leary

    2007 GTX 215 what are the odds that it has old exhaust valves?

    I know from 04-06 the valves are an issue, is there still a chance that an 07 has them as well ? going to look at one saturday for a friend, and trying to do some budgeting for potential expenses for updates. It seems to be a good fit as far a price/condition from the pic's and such but if the...
  13. Spimothy Leary

    Refresh me on techniques to get a stuck piston out of a Cyl.

    In the past when I had really stubborn rings stuck in a cyl I usually just put the engine back together maybe with a bad head and cored it out to SBT but with recent reductions in core prices it really no longer is a viable option. I banged apart 2 engines (out of 5 that I had) but 3 of...
  14. Spimothy Leary

    Workshop & Garage New Years Resolutions

    I thought this might be an interesting topic. What are some tools/gadgets you want in the next 12 months? Me First. Dump my 3" farmers bench vice for a 4" non swivel type, lots of options on CL, super reasonable Some kind of parts washer bin, tired of washing parts in the side yard...
  15. Spimothy Leary

    aftermarket grips question 96 GTX

    Need to order a set of grips, planning on ODI rogue, but its been a couple years since I ordered some I can't remember if I need 120mm or 130mm. (non flange) Can anyone confirm the length so I don't fark up and order the wrong size ? edit: matt b was nice enough to measure a bar with no grips...
  16. Spimothy Leary

    Ground Cable Length for 96/97 GTX ? 278000973 ?

    Anyone have a clue as to the length of the ground cable ? I need a couple of them asap and the length is holding me up.
  17. Spimothy Leary

    gel coat repair for minor damage ?

    can this be addressed w/o a major expense ? this damage was done over the weekend when the ski was anchored in choppy conditions and another ski came loose and banged into it a few times before they could get out there to stop it. (the danger of taking one last ride before selling the...
  18. Spimothy Leary

    The annoying reminder beep that your lanyard is still attached...

    I recently sold a GTX 155 that had that annoying chirp chirp that repeated itself every 10 seconds or so when the engine was turned off but the lanyard was still attached. I never looked into see if there was a way to turn that reminder off.... Is there ?
  19. Spimothy Leary

    NSFW: Flywheel removal video that cracked me up

    I friend emailed me about flywheel removal questions and I responded with the lazy answer, "just youtube it" and "you need a puller" anyway, he youtubes it and comes up with this guy ! warning, language is NSFW, he drops a few F bombs, but I really thought it was funny as hell. jump to...
  20. Spimothy Leary

    Speedster/Challenger Dash Switches, are they all the same ?

    My cousin has a bad switch on his speedster dashboard, called me and I have a couple of them in my box of assorted leftover parts from stripping out a couple of ski's. I think both of mine are fan blowers but not 100% sure.. They appear identical when we compared texted pictures, but mine...