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    Identification Help Please

    That sticker on the side that says 4-tec does not belong there, someone slapped it on. The motor is 2 stroke, and the gauges are for a 2 stroke machine.
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    What are our names in real life?

    Enut - Sam
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    Fuel Rail Screw Will Not Come Out

    I used an impact wrench to spin the bolt until it heated up the plastic (maybe about a minute) and it came right out (the bushing came out with it). Then using a pair of vise grips to hold the bushing, I was able to take the screw out completely. I put some superglue inside the plastic hole...
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    Bimini top

    I would go to They are easy to deal with and have a good return policy.
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    Transducer mounting/cable running on 2008 Utopia 205 SE

    I took a look at the service manual. It is a little confusing, but my first attempt would be as follows: Remove the speaker. Then you fish the wires from the bilge starting at the very bottom of the starboard side. That side compartment where you store stuff, you will be snaking the...
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    Transducer mounting/cable running on 2008 Utopia 205 SE

    The bow seat back in front of the helm flips up. You can see right thru to the console, but unless you have very long arms forget it. You can pull the instrument cluster out a bit. there is a nut behind the bow seat back. Then the black Philips screws under the steering wheel.
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    Transducer mounting/cable running on 2008 Utopia 205 SE

    I agree with JPass, you should find a way to temporarily mount it so you can test it out. I have the same boat and I want to install a Garmin Echomap. There is no room on the helm because of the way the windshield is designed. These boats were not designed for this. The factory depth gauge...
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    Oil Capacity for fish pro

    The engine will have 5.1 qt. in it total. When you are doing an oil change with filter, you can only put in 3.2 qt. Suck some of the oil out until it is about midway between the marks.
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    Bimini Hardware?

    Those set screws look like they can be trouble down the road. If you need to remove then and they are stuck, it will be a joy to remove.
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    Fuel Rail Screw Will Not Come Out

    When I take the boat out of storage in the spring, I will give it a try. Thanks for all of the responses.
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    1997 Challenger single 787 - Garden Hose Connection Location?

    If you have a service manual, they explain that it exhausts water out during normal operation. You can connect to it as well but it is much easier to connect it on top. When I had my boat, I plugged this when I connected the hose to the top. Just make sure you remove it after you are done.
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    1997 Challenger single 787 - Garden Hose Connection Location?

    The one that is on top that is covered by the engine hatch is the one to put the hose on. Also, it should have a screw on cover that is tethered by a chain.
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    Fuel Rail Screw Will Not Come Out

    How would I heat the bolt since the retaining bolt is embedded in plastic, I don't want to melt the whole support post? The entire manifold piece that the fuel rail is mounted on is plastic. Of course there is the obvious fire risk. I was hoping someone has ran into this in the past when...
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    Fuel Rail Screw Will Not Come Out

    I was trying to remove the fuel rail to fog the intake today. One of the screws holding the fuel rail on keeps spinning, so I can't remove it. I heard a snap and now the screw just spins. I do not see any damage to the plastic. Has anyone had this happen to them? Thanks
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    Trailer Tire Replacement

    I went ahead and replaced them with the same type of tire that my trailer came with. The guys at Pep Boys told me that they would keep on using the tires because there were no signs of dry rot and they looked fine to them. Since they are over 10 years old, I figured I should be better safe...
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    Trailer Tire Replacement

    My 2008 Karavan trailer still has the original tires on it. They are dated April 2007. The treads still look good. Does anyone still have the tires on their trailer that long? I have read that 5-6 years is the maximum that you should keep the tires because of internal dry-rot. When does...
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    Broken DESS Key and No BRP Support

    If the old key was able to start both engines, then I am thinking that the dealer is doing something wrong. If they are not a boat dealer, then their equipment may not licensed to be used on the boats. I think that you may want to consider buying a Candoo Pro.
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    4-Beeps 2007 Challenger 1800

    4 beeps means you are not in neutral when starting or when the key is left on the post without running the engine. This is to remind you so you don't run down the battery.
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    Utopia 205 SE Anchor

    I am trying to find an anchor that will fit into the front storage compartment. Either the shaft is too long or the width is too short etc... In order to fit the anchor I have now, I =27&hash=e2aedf0581073ff529e754e5d190bd65']Attach fileshave to put it in backwards. It is a pain to do. I was...
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    Clicking sound with trying to start one of the motors

    This happened to me when I had my 1998 Challenger 1800. Both engines started fine out of the water. In the water the port engine started fine, but the starboard engine just clicked. Turns out the battery started to go bad. The starboard engine cables are a little bit longer since the starter...