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    Crank bearing

    Anyway of getting this bearing sleeve off, the bearings came out in pieces when I separated the case ?
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    Blew flywheel cover gasket

    Well just my luck I got my new solinoid in and when out on the 94 xp and it backfired through the flywheel cover and blew part of the gasket out now it wont start ? It over heated when it happened and I noticed the large line on the exhaust was blown off fml !!
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    94 seadoo xp 657x

    hey guys waiting on my starter solenoid in the mail so i decided to recheck my carbs in the meantime since it was having part throttle bogging. My question is, is it ok to have my pop off at the high end of the specs the xp manual says 16-21 psi and both my carbs i have set to pop off at 21 psi ?
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    94 xp starter issues

    hey guys my 94 seadoo xp seized up today after a good run . i went to start it again and the starter was slow due to low battery then it stoped turning over and just clicked . Then after a few times it wouldnt even click anymore . Tried spinning crank by hand and it wouldnt move more then a few...
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    94 seadoo xp hard to start

    My xp is really hard to start once its started it goes great but i end up killing the battery in the water most of the time trying to get it going .
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    seadoo xp 657 carb adjusment screws

    where and how can i adjust the low speed screws on my xp without removing the carbs ?
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    sucked up seaweed

    Hey guys really need help finally got my seadoo 1999 gsx rfi running after installing a new rotary valve shaft . Was running great till my brother sucked up a bunch of seaweed . I removed the grate and got all the seaweed out from the impeller but it still wont go more then 5 mph and is bogging...