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  1. JJinSC

    Drive shaft issue

    So today I went for about an hour ride on my 97 XP. When I got back to the dock, I heard bad rattle at idle. Not from the engine. The engine is running great. So I lifted the back hatch and saw pink dust all over. See picture. Also found this lump of pink plastic. See other picture. I suspected...
  2. JJinSC

    XPS full synthetic oil

    So it’s time for me to order a case of oil. It looks like they have phased out the yellow gallon bottles and gone to black bottles. Can anyone confirm this? I read on one review on Amazon that this was the case and the user actually wrote them and they replied with a statement saying it was...
  3. JJinSC

    Carbon ring and boot

    I de-winterized and finished changing pump oil and put the XP back in the water today. I noticed cavitation immediately and checked bilge via rear hatch. Water was pouring around the boot. I put it back on the trailer and inspected. There was a gap between the carbon ring and metal flange. This...
  4. JJinSC

    Seal tray

    My seal tray on my 97 XP seems to have warn on the edges and let's trash(mostly pine needles) collect in the joint between each side of the intake grate and the ride plate. Is it pretty simple to remove the grate(i've read stories of trouble getting the bolts loose)?. Our would it be better to...
  5. JJinSC

    Fuel line elbows

    I have a question. I bypassed my fuel selector valve this season, because it stuck and then when I got it free it started sucking air. I ran the fuel line straight to the tank and removed this piece. (See picture). My question is, is there a functional purpose for these 90 degree elbows other...
  6. JJinSC

    Service bulletins

    Is there anywhere we can lookup all/any service bulletins for our models? If not, maybe we should start compiling them somewhere and maybe appeal to BRP to publish them all publicly online. What do you all think about that? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. JJinSC

    Accelerator pump

    Ok, I have been on vacation this week and mostly trying to enjoy the Seadoo. I've been successful and the weather has been perfect here. I took the ski out of the water one morning just to check some thing's for a couple issues I am having. One is difficulty keeping it running on warm restarts...
  8. JJinSC

    Hard restarts (hot) slight big off idle.

    Ok, these issues just keep alluding me. Everything runs fine except for 1) slight bog from idle. It will clear out and not die on its on now that I have confirmed the a-pump nozzles are both spraying. It just hesitates now and then clears and goes. 2) hard restart after sitting for 15 minutes...
  9. JJinSC

    Accelerator pump quest in

    How far in is this little plunger suppose to move when you fully press the throttle lever? Mine only seems to move about 1/8" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. JJinSC

    Carb pressure test

    Can I pressure test the carbs on the engine just to make sure it is holding? Do I just block off the return and pump up at the supply nipple? What about the pulse line? Also, can someone confirm the LS setting on this (97 XP)? The manual says 1 turn but I see it listed as 1.5 at other...
  11. JJinSC

    Fuel tank pressure

    I know that my tank has two vent valves. One for letting air in as fuel is burned to prevent a negative pressure and the other for relieving pressure (over 3 PSI I think). So my question is since there can be a positive pressure of up to 3 PSI, can/should there be a small and short audible...
  12. JJinSC

    Fuel issue at startups

    Ok, so this year I replaced my fuel lines on the a-pump circuit and got most of the bog out of the transition from idle. Changed my fuel selector as I found it was not turning off the fuel. I remembered the last mechanic that rebuilt my carbs mentioning that he adjusted the carbs to try to...
  13. JJinSC

    Fuel selector

    Ok, I have a mystery. To troubleshoot another issue I decided to turn my fuel selector to off to let the fuel system run dry before shutting the engine off. The mystery is that it never stopped running. I played around the house/dock for 5 minutes then ran up and down the river a couple more...
  14. JJinSC

    Accelerator lines. 97 XP

    Well again after sitting all winter (gas was treated). The mag carb accelerator nozzle is clogged again causing the bog from idle to speed. I did not change the charge lines when I changed the fuel line from the tempo lines years ago. Since I gotta take the air box off to blast the a-nozzle...
  15. JJinSC

    Instrument panel 97 XP

    Ok, there is a blank spot under my VTS gauge that is blank like there is something option you can install there. Anyone know what it is for? Tach maybe? Here is a pic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. JJinSC

    Busted another wear ring today

    I have had my XP since 97 and went 14 years on the original wear ring. Ran mostly on the intra coastal waterway. Been living on the Waccamaw river for the past seven years now and have gone through two wear rings in the past 3 years. I am attributing this to a couple factors. 1. After market...
  17. JJinSC

    Cat fish not biting

    I've been trying to catch some catfish on our local river. My wife has an awesome catfish stew recipe. However, I just can't seem to get them to bite. Using Carolina slip sinker rig. Have tried cut bait almost rotten, stinky bait etc. Nothing seems interested. Any ideas? Sent from my iPhone...
  18. JJinSC

    Lean idle cause?

    Considering clean fuel system, carbs, and settings to factory, what could cause a lean idle situation? This 787 cranks easy, idles perfect and runs perfect all day long. It just has a problem transitioning from idle. Accelerator pump seems to work fine. If I apply throttle fast it will quit...
  19. JJinSC

    New problem this year

    Well, Everything has been running fine this year. Just to review. I had whole engine rebuild last year. Carbs rebuilt with OEM kits. New oil pump and lines. I rebuilt the RAVES (Completely). New baffle. Fuel lines replaced 3 years ago. Had a flooding problem last year and replaced...
  20. JJinSC

    Another max RPM issue

    Ok, last year, I replaced the bellows, springs, caps and o-rings in the RAVEs. However, I still had oil leaking out of the RAVES. So, I took them apart before the season and found that the guillotines and the housings were worn. So, I replaced them this year and put it all back together...