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  1. kawasaki00

    FOR SALE WTB 82/85 RD Nozzles 140mm

    Looking for a set of 82/85 nozzles for 140mm pump. Have a set of 86/89 can sell or trade as well. Charlotte NC
  2. kawasaki00

    FOR SALE Garage cleanout - 97 GTX and 99 GTX Limited parts

    I will take the alignment tool, up in huntersville And ebox for 99 depending on condition
  3. kawasaki00

    Snake problems

    Probably just non venomous water snakes if you are rock hill SC, you are not quite far enough south for Cottonmouth. But only thing to do is get it out of the water. They all love to soak up the sun.
  4. kawasaki00

    Help choosing GTX seat color

    Have a 99 Limited and ordering a seat cover. Factory is Aztec Red, what you guys think would match closer the Dark Red or Burgandy? In the sun the front hood looks much brighter red but in shade it looks the burgandy color.
  5. kawasaki00

    Saw your post of the alignment tool. My g/f lives off shopton so meet up in the next week or two...

    Saw your post of the alignment tool. My g/f lives off shopton so meet up in the next week or two if that works for you. I am up in Huntersville. Thanks
  6. kawasaki00

    FOR SALE RENT....Need Alignment tool in the Charlotte NC area? 96xp

    Need to do alignment in the CLT area if one around.
  7. kawasaki00

    Group K Sleeper Kit

    LOL, true statement
  8. kawasaki00

    Brand new X4 sponsons for sale

    I have a set of these and they are very nice. He did a great job on them, you wont be disappointed.
  9. kawasaki00

    Worx Trim Tabs X4

    PM sent with addy
  10. kawasaki00

    Blowsion Billet Fuel Pump Plates

    2 plates, pretty much new, no bolts. Lowes has bolts for a couple bucks 45 shipped
  11. kawasaki00

    Worx Trim Tabs X4

    Need these gone price drop
  12. kawasaki00

    Worx Trim Tabs X4

    Used for 1 season. Worx trim tabs for X4 80 shipped
  13. kawasaki00

    The X4 Thread

    Was someone on here at lake norman last night at Stutts Marina, saw a super nice 95 xp on the water last night
  14. kawasaki00

    R&D Nozzle Combo 85/88

    If you want the smaller ones he can send them to me first and I can bore them for you. I just did a set of 85/88 out to 86/89.
  15. kawasaki00

    EGT gages and probes.

    Mine are in the same spot as Matt
  16. kawasaki00

    Factory spec 1 Performance Pipe for 787

    This is THE best rec pipe for pump gas. GLWS
  17. kawasaki00

    The X4 Thread

    I place a nickel on top of it and turn it down until it is flush with the black cap. Don't run it in the box sorry
  18. kawasaki00

    WTB Novi 44s

    Purchased, thanks