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  1. kawasaki00

    FOR SALE WTB 82/85 RD Nozzles 140mm

    Looking for a set of 82/85 nozzles for 140mm pump. Have a set of 86/89 can sell or trade as well. Charlotte NC
  2. kawasaki00

    Help choosing GTX seat color

    Have a 99 Limited and ordering a seat cover. Factory is Aztec Red, what you guys think would match closer the Dark Red or Burgandy? In the sun the front hood looks much brighter red but in shade it looks the burgandy color.
  3. kawasaki00

    FOR SALE RENT....Need Alignment tool in the Charlotte NC area? 96xp

    Need to do alignment in the CLT area if one around.
  4. kawasaki00

    Blowsion Billet Fuel Pump Plates

    2 plates, pretty much new, no bolts. Lowes has bolts for a couple bucks 45 shipped
  5. kawasaki00

    Worx Trim Tabs X4

    Used for 1 season. Worx trim tabs for X4 80 shipped
  6. kawasaki00

    WTB Novi 44s

    WTB Novi 44s *found* Found, thanks.
  7. kawasaki00

    WTB UMI Single swith holder

    WTB UMI Single swith holder *FOUND* Looking for a single switch holder Start/Stop FOUND
  8. kawasaki00

    WTB Concord 15/23 for 140mm

    Looking for a Concord 15/23 for 140mm xp
  9. kawasaki00

    WTB msd water controller /microtouch dual

    Looking for a nice msd water controller or a dual solenoid controller microtouch. Do not need solenoids, just controller
  10. kawasaki00

    WTB Rev Limiter for 96 xp

    WTB Rev Limiter for 96 xp *Found* Looking for a rev limiter for 96 xp Thanks Found, thanks
  11. kawasaki00

    Help with Micro Touch Dual Controller

    I cant find the wiring diagram anywhere. Anybody help me out. I assume red it +, black is -, the dual blue wires are for the solenoids but what about the grey/brown and orange black, also the switch settings. I guess the microtouch website is no longer working Thanks
  12. kawasaki00

    WTB Rossier pipe 787

    Looking for a Rossier for the 787 (96 xp)
  13. kawasaki00

    WTB Billet Head 787

    WTB Billet Head 787 *Found* Looking for a billet head Miller, buckshot or novi with 43 domes. Or if someone has 43 domes to fit these heads I can get head cover somewhere else
  14. kawasaki00

    WTB R&D Manual Trim Setup 96 xp

    WTB R&D/baker Manual Trim Setup 96 xp Looking for a r-d or baker manual trim setup like this one.
  15. kawasaki00

    WTB Worx grate for 96 Xp

    --------- Found grate
  16. kawasaki00

    WTB R&D 85/88 Nozzle set for 96 XP

    WTB R&D 85/88 Nozzle set for 96 XP *Found* Looking for a nozzle set if anyone has extra 85/88 Thanks
  17. kawasaki00

    New Member XP

    Hello all, have a 96 XP. Been surfing these forums for a few weeks and finally signed up, great knowledge on here. Already purchased ride plates, intake grate and sponsons.