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    deciding between sportster vs speedster

    So far great! I don't use the boat much, but it hasn't faded or chipped at all since last spring when I did it.
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    deciding between sportster vs speedster

    My speedsters hood was extremely faded (take a look at my build thread from last year). I've heard you can buff them out, but instead I repainted it with krylon fusion spray paint. I was extremely happy with the finished product.
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    deciding between sportster vs speedster

    Yup both have the big cylinders on em. If I load it with enough weight to get both exhaust outlets in the water it's actually pretty quiet. I did some research and it looks like the challenger and sportster 1800s come with a curved tube that sticks out of the hull and directs the exhaust down...
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    deciding between sportster vs speedster

    Can you turn a wrench? If so the 2 stroke might be a good choice. However, they are very loud. Like borderline impossible to have a conversation at idle (twin engine speedster). There's another one on my lake that's a 4 stroke 155. The newer 4 strokes are extremely quiet and very refined...
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    1996 speedster w/ couple problems

    The green arrow one is technically a fuel filter and water separator combined into one. The red arrow one is aftermarket. Someone else must have installed that. I would check both and make sure neither are clogged.
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    RESTO Just picked up 1996 Challenger

    Also just noticed the entire control handle assembly is in backwards. Spin it around and reconnect the cables. You should be able to trace the throttle cable back to the engine. The other cables should be pretty easy to distinguish too.
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    RESTO Just picked up 1996 Challenger

    Wow what a clusterf***. PO really screwed this thing up. In regards to the reverse bucket. The light grey rectangle looking piece is the part that keeps the bucket locked in forward. By pulling on the black "triangle" that the shifter cable is connected to you should be able to release this...
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    RESTO Just picked up 1996 Challenger

    On the reverse bucket there is a small locking mechanism that "locks" the gate in forward. Sometimes it get stuck so check that. Should be on the left side of the gate right where the cable connects to the bucket. Not sure why seadoo ever even put those tabs on, I shaved mine off because they...
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    New owner and need simple answer

    Haha don't be fooled it will empty it quickly!
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    New owner and need simple answer

    If it's the single engine I'm pretty sure it's 27 gallons plus whatever the reserve is
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    Speed of 96 Speedster

    Should be right around low 50s
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    1998 Sea Doo Sportster with a single 85 hp pulling an adult tuber

    Twin engines aren't that expensive to maintain if you do the work yourself (which isn't hard). These are about as simple as they get, just a basic twin cylinder carbureted motor. You don't want to buy the single engine and regret it a year later wishing you bought a twin. Can't say I've ever...
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    New to the Speedster. Need the list of "to-do's".

    New to the Speedster. Need the list of "to-do's". - run the correct type of oil - grease the carrier seal on the driveshaft often The rest is just basic maintenance. Change the pump oil at the end of the season and spark plugs occasionally along with all filters. Inspect the small...
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    Rain and water in engine bay

    It could be coming in anywhere. From the footwells to air vents. A little bit of water is normal. It's never gonna be bone dry in a bilge.
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    Agreed with above. Only xps 2 stroke synthetic is run through my motors