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    When should I rebuild my supercharger?

    I had my supercharger in my 2009 180SE rebuilt at 155 hours and 8 years. According to my mechanic who works on a lot of PWCs and the occasional boat, the bearings can go earlier than the 200 hours, especially in the PWCs. It is no longer the washer problem. The old set he took out looked pretty...
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    Seadoo Islandia 2007

    Barley in Australia? We Canajans like our barley here too! That project may eventually drive you to the hard stuff, but be great if you pull it off. The compatibility of the computer and the replacement engine may be crucial - also the whole exhaust cooling plumbing is important - perhaps it is...
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    New boat owner (challenger 180 2012)

    Seems like a fair deal. I have a 2009 180SE appraised at 20K a year ago. Of course this is in Canada in Canadian funds. Say $15000 USD. Mine is the SE with tower.
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    Purchasing a 2009 Challenger 180 se

    By the way, it is best to check it in the water for a day to check for leaks - I had leaks fixed twice under warrantee. It is just all the silicone sealing below the engine and above the jet pump - very time consuming to remove stuff to fix - also Sea Doo mechanic screwed up the steering cable...
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    Purchasing a 2009 Challenger 180 se

    I have the same 2009 boat. True the washers in the SC are OK for 2009, however I have a trusted mechanic who has a lot of experience with the PWCs 4 Tecs and says he has seen many where the SC bearings have flied apart causing havoc. I had him replace the bearings in mine at 140 hours...
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    Rattling Noise 2007 Challenger 180

    If out of the water rattling at the back is normal. Should be on the hose to warm up. However when cranking more to retrieve more oil from the PTO is when you do not want it to start the engine! I am alone when doing it, so just wire the throttle valve wide open. I did start the engine once...
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    Reverse Buckets Question

    Mine does that too. It is handy sometimes when docking. May be an intentional design but the manual does not mention it. Mine is a 2009 180 SE
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    2010 Sea Doo Challenger 180 215hp

    A good deal. It is identical to my 2009. I also can't wait for spring and boating again!
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    Replacement Keys

    Sounds like they are charging an extra 100 or so to program it. The key itself is not that much last time I bought one. Of course it does need to be programmed and I believe they need your boat to copy the correct code from.
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    Is this the 215HP 4tech flush port?

    I use a standard hose disconnect but remove it for boating. My 2009 180 se port is on the port side. It has nothing to do with engine per se cooling as it is a closed antifreeze system. Cycling of the lake water is very very crucial to cooling the exhaust system _ not sure how relevant this...
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    Challenger 180SE oil?

    My 2009 180 SE manual calls for mineral oil but the dealer says the blended synthetic in the standard kits is correct to use. I have been using the kit package for past 6 years. A little pricey but it is handy to get the plugs filter and gaskets in one box.
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    2008 Challenger 180 se only getting 29mph at 6800 rpm

    2008 Supercharged? If yours is a 180SE, I expect it is the 255 HP supercharged model. If so it should do 7500-8000 rpm for approximately true 50mph. My 2009 180SE does that quite handily - my speedo actually reads 5mph higher than GPS. If yours is the non aspirated 215 HP I have no idea what...
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    Fault Code " P 1027"

    Any amount of cavitation can cause overheating of the exhaust system as it relies on the jet pump to circulate the exhaust cooling water - make sure there is nothing foreign visible looking inside the ride plate grate or jet pump back.
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    2010 challenger 180 255hp only gets 5k rpms

    I once had something stupid happen to mine. Actually it wasn't stupid but the Dealer mechanic surely was! Severe cavitation at 8 hours - drove 500 kms back to the dealer - mechanic did the 10 hour service etc and pronounced it good - drove it 500km back to the lake - put it in tthe water and...
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    Anyone add a second battery to 210 challenger or other sea doo boat?

    I have considered adding a second battery in case I beach somewhere with the radio on and it drains the battery. However instead due to laziness and cheapness , I bought one of the new fantastic lithium style battery boosters instead - I keep it in my boat all summer and move it to one of my...