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    255hp Compression Seadoo Speedster

    Hi All, Just wondering what compression everyone is getting with a 255hp engine on their speedster upon cranking? If you have dry compression (not cranking engine) then also interested to hear. Thanks in advance.
  2. Eazyeasty

    Power Issue - Speedster150

    Ended up sorting it. Had the smallest bit of corrosion on one of the earth wire terminals. Wouldn’t have thought it would have made a difference but it worked. Thank you
  3. Eazyeasty

    Adelaide anyone

    Yep - Newby
  4. Eazyeasty

    Power Issue - Speedster150

    Hi All, when I turn the key on the 2012 150 Speedster all the dashboard lights flash on and off and a rapid ticking noise is coming from a box behind the dashboard. Engine won’t start. Any tips for a fix? (Can’t add video from iPhone as wrong format)