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  • Hey Adam, ive sent you some PM's, not sure if your getting them or not, I was the one that sent you the gauges. not sure if you got them or they were ok or not.. but could you let me know if they were? I still have some stuff that we could trade if you interested.
    There is a post in the Meet and Greet. I think they have a recitifier issue. You know more about them than i do. Can you look at it and see if you can help them. The post is from member Leslie.
    Did you ever find those black springs? I will shoot you a few dollars for the springs and shipping if you don't mind putting them in the mail. Let me know how much I owe you!


    i would contact minnetonka on this forum. He has great used parts and at a great price. I would just replace
    hi hope u can help, i own 1997 gtx, gas/oil gauge doesnt light up, i took out sending unit and put ohm meter on conn. with no reading at all. opened bottom cleaned magnets still no reading. i am thinking about cutting it open to ck fuse 1 but cant figure how to take rubber(tube adapter off). do i have too or can i get to F1 cutting just past the rubber part. thanks
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