H2RO Magazine Brings Hydroflight to the Forefront for PWC Owners

Written on:April 22, 2017
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Whether soaring 50+ feet in the air or cruising a few feet off the water Hydroflight is pure fun! The sport of Hydroflight has evolved over the past six years to include Jetboards (Flyboard, X-Board, Jetblade, Jetdeck), single-jet Jetboards (Hoverboard by ZR, Shred Sled), Jetpacks (X-Jetpacks, Jetpack by ZR) and Jetbikes (Jetovator).

Each experience uses a Personal Watercraft as the power source. A re-directional pipe is attached to the back of the ski and a 60+ foot hose extends from the pipe to the board, pack or bike of your choice. All of the water pressure generated by the PWC is routed down this hose and out the nozzles of the board, pack or bike. Beginner riders must have a certified instructor on the ski who will control the throttle and therefore the amount of thrust the rider receives. The rider controls where they fly, whether they go up or down, side to side, dive in the water or not. More advanced riders will fly themselves using a wireless throttle controller. This gives them the ability to adjust the power as needed to perform different tricks. So the definition of Hydroflight is using water pressure to provide a person with sustained and controlled flight.

Founded in 2013, H2RO Magazine continues to be the official online resource for Hydroflight Sports. H2RO (pronounced HERO) covers industry news, the evolution of equipment, profiles athletes, shares exclusive interviews, and is home to the most comprehensive competition and event coverage. The H2RO World Rankings have become the globally recognized ranking system for Hydroflight athletes in all divisions (Pro, Ladies and Veteran) and H2RO works closely with the industry to help shape competition formats, rules, scoring, judging and much more.

2017 is set to be the most dynamic and exciting year ever for Hydroflight as the number of Pro competitions increases dramatically, both daytime shows and spectacular LED night shows expand around the world and next generation equipment unleashes our athletes full potential.

More importantly for industry stability and growth is the continued increase in recreational flying and product ownership.

Did you know that the Personal Watercraft you already own can very easily become your Hydroflight power source?

With universal adapters almost any PWC can quickly be set up to fly with. You will unlock a whole new level of fun for family and friends so reach out to a local dealer and learn more about the experiences available.

If you are interested in watching the best Hydroflight videos in the world visit h2rotv.com and subscribe to our channel. There you will see the sports top professionals making incredible tricks look effortless. Want to talk Hydroflight with a community of water sport enthusiasts then connect with H2RO on Facebook and Instagram.

Sea-Doo Warehouse Gets a Facelift

Written on:February 13, 2017

Sea-Doo Warehouse has finally gone a much needed face lift today as we continue to make our websites more user friendly. The site now has an easily navigated front page that allows you to seemlessly switch from year to year or model to model. Please check it out here: www.SeaDooWarehouse.com


Sea-Doo Spark Build Series

Written on:January 26, 2017

The Spark build series is finally done and it was a success! Check out the videos of the series below:  


Champions On & Off the Water- (Part2-Video) Dustin Farthing, BRP & Monster Energy!

Written on:June 21, 2016

Exclusive Video Interview- 600HP, 0-60MPH in 1.8 Seconds & Everyday RXP-X 300 Performance w/Sea-Doo X-Team Champ, Dustin Farthing. VIDEO BELOW! Champions On & Off the Water, Part-2 Video- SDF Blog, by PWCMUSCLE.COM Read Part-One of our blog, 2016 winnings are donated to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. You can donate too at CHOA.ORG. Wow, just wow. 0-60 in 1.8 seconds…… That’s hard to fully take in, its visualization almost too fantastic for the cortex of our humble minds to make up….


Champions On & Off the Water- (Part1-Photos) Dustin Farthing, BRP, & Monster Energy!

Written on:June 16, 2016

A 600HP, Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 has champion aspirations on & off the water. Long time pro, Dustin Farthing, Mountain Motorsports, BRP, & Monster Energy have teamed up, and a fleet was forged. Champions On & Off the Water – SDF Blog by PWC Muscle, pwcmuscle.com Sea-Doo X-Team Rider, Dustin Farthing, a 17x National & World Champion in his final year of professional racing, has taken the reigns of the fastest fleet of Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 lining up this race season. It’s not even halfway…


SeaDoo VIDEO, “Racing the Sun.” (Full Version, 4-Min) #SeaDooLife

Written on:June 11, 2016

“Racing the Sun,” is the #SeaDooLife- the concept, the waterway, the ski’s, the fun. A coast to coast trip, across Florida thru the Okeechobee Waterway, in a day. Here’s a full version of the video that adds greater feel to the ride. It’s a slightly longer clip than online through social media. The short version is only two mins or so, this is four and worth the watch, Per the Sea-Doo Onboard Blog….. “The ride lends itself to an incredible Sea-Doo experience…


Want to Carve & Turn Your Jetski with Better Control and Speed? Sponsons are your KEY!

Written on:May 30, 2016

Do you want to stay glued to the water while doing mach 3 with your hair on fire zipping through tight spaces, carving through mangrove forests or leap frogging competitors around 90 degree race markers? Heck yeah, we all do, and there’s one product you need to know about, need to play with, and need to tune…..SPONSONS! Sponsons? Wait, what the…. What the heck are sponsons? At the core, sponsons are stabilizers that help your PWC…


7 Performance PWC/Jetski Mods the Pro’s Recommend for Everyone Else!

Written on:May 23, 2016

The Pro’s- they ride fast, they ride hard, they have the best gear and know how to dial it all in. Most of us aren’t Pro’s. Beginners, and everyone else, still seek performance, though. We want better handling, we want a more responsive ride, and are always looking for extra products that can give us that extra bit of, “I’ll race you to the sandbar,” boost. We asked PWCMUSCLE.COM to send their weekly “Parts…


Sea-Doo Spark, 2up & 3up, Riva Free Flow Exhaust…PARTS OF THE WEEK

Written on:May 16, 2016
Sea-Doo Spark, 2up & 3up, Riva Free Flow Exhaust…PARTS OF THE WEEK

We love exhaust add on’s! This week, our blog was asked by the folks at PWCMUSCLE.COM to share our love for upgrades and the reasons to look into exhaust upgrades for your Sea-Doo Spark. It could be one of the best places to start “SPARKING up YOUR SEA-DOO SPARK” and PWC MUSCLE came to the right place for info on Sea-Doo parts and performance. We want to lay out the biggest things you get…


Sea-Doo’s RXP-X 300 Takes Wins in BACK-TO-BACK Racing Weekends

Written on:May 15, 2016
Sea-Doo’s RXP-X 300 Takes Wins in BACK-TO-BACK Racing Weekends

Sea-Doo’s RXP-X 300, equipped with the most powerful Rotax engine ever built, was made to walk on water and look good doing it. Check that. It doesn’t walk on water, it salsas in the surf, crushes championships, and is arguably the most wanted watercraft on the market today! It’s agile, nimble, comfortable, and designed to be user centric. It’s everything you could want in a top tier personal watercraft and…