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  1. Winter and De-Winterizing your Boat
  2. Hawk Eye Depth Gauge Install with pic.
  3. Jump Starting....?
  4. Snipes Korner...
  5. "How a jet pump works"
  6. Troubleshoot Fuel Delivery Problems : low revs, bogging, surging
  7. Fix for Fuel gauge empty or light on when tank is full (fuel baffle/sender)
  8. P-Fault codes...
  9. 4-TEC Information...
  10. 1503-4-TEC winterizing procedures
  11. DIY Seat/Upholstery Reconditoning
  12. Seadoo Recall Alerts!....
  13. Seadoo Recall Alerts!....
  14. Build your pop off/leak tester
  15. Build your pop off/leak tester
  16. Oil Pump removal/bypass how to??
  17. '96 seadoo XP de-winterzation help...
  18. How to insert check valves
  19. Oil Filter and Fuel Filter Change
  20. RFI MPEM 5A Fuse blows - problem found
  21. How to change your jet pump oil! (with pictures)
  22. How to fix a flipped SeaDoo
  23. how to change WEAR RING
  24. Repairing wear ring on Mercury 240EFI M2
  25. p codes on IS models
  26. How a Two Stroke Engine Works
  27. How a Four Stroke Engine Works
  28. Low ash Quick Silver oil..
  29. Stereo Install... Installing speakers in mirrors
  30. How To: Add gauges to your Sportster
  31. QuickSilver oils...
  32. Dess post wiring and information
  33. Repair Scratched Hull
  34. P-fault codes; all 4-TEC models
  35. How To: Changing Your Wear Ring
  36. Beeper........buzzer
  37. How To: Adding an in-line filter
  38. JPX's Knuckleheaded Seat Re-Cover Job - 1996 GSX
  39. Adjusting Throttle Cables Challenger 1800 dual rotax 787's
  40. Changing Crankcase Oil - 947/951 engine
  41. How-to PWC Stand Project
  42. How to service Rave Valve---Pictorial---
  43. How To: Repair burned GSX Info Center part 1
  44. how to change your wear ring without removing your impellar!!
  45. Successful Windshield Installation for a Speedster 150!!
  46. How To: New steel frame PWC stand
  47. oops?? - need advice
  48. Help Disassembling my top end
  49. Tps
  50. Bailer (jet-pump)
  51. 587-720 motor Bench Box
  52. Need Advice: Winterizing 2009 Seadoo Challenger 180 SE 255HP
  53. Hawkeye depth sounder
  54. Questions about Candoo limited..
  55. DIY Adding a drain plug to Seadoo HX on the port (left) side
  56. Removing the Mag. Cover on a 787
  57. 1999 Speedster Winterization
  58. How to Stencil your vinyl parts..... Step by step Pictorial
  59. Seadoo DI (Direct Injection) Fuel Pump Replacement Guide
  60. How To: CanDooPro Set up Instructions
  61. Bilge Pump
  62. Seadoo 4-Tec pump removal non iBR *Video*
  63. Checking Rotary Valve Cover Clearance
  64. Clicking
  65. 1996 XP Winterization
  66. Lubricating your two-stroke Rotax engine
  67. Added shut off valves for the rotary bath lines
  68. "How To" 4 Tec intake and exhaust valve replacement.
  69. Check engine light
  70. How to clean your water stained hull
  71. How-To, carbon seal service and replacement.
  72. How-To : Recover that old worn out seat.
  73. Seadoo 720/787 Welch plugs, Exhaust plug/cap or whatever you want to call them.......