View Full Version : Hi Im new here from UK.

07-05-07, 03:11 PM
Not new to jetsking but just trying to get back into it from a 3 year rest.

Anyway my newly purchased Seadoo XP800 1998 has just had a runaway engine in my back yard. Very frightning, when it happens.
I pulled the sparkplugs off.......it still ran.
Turned the fuel off.........till it ran out and stopped.
Ive been seen comming when I bought this one as the guy said it had great compression from its new engine and hard to start.
I found the plugs were loose to reduce the compresion making it easier to start :o (Compression great just a frayed live wire that got hot when crancked over.);)
And a broken engine mount. Oh! and a hole in the exhaust, which leaked water into the hull.
His excuse was his hose did'nt reach so It did'nt have a run with water in it too long. It started and sounded fine. So I bought her.:mad:
Anyway all fixed bar this engine runaway mystery.:rolleyes:

Any Ideas on this one please.

07-21-07, 10:33 AM
Wow. That does sound pretty crazy. Glad you're ok and welcome to the boards!

07-21-07, 12:56 PM
do you know how diesel engines work? Exact same thing going on here. Make sure you aren't running lean, which would make the engine overheat and could explain this.

07-21-07, 06:21 PM
Thanks for the welcome folks.
The guy I bought it off said he was a mechanic. LMFAO.
He did'nt reckon a bloke with knowledge would win the Ebay auction.
Im absolutely foaming at the mouth over this one, but checked it over really good before launching her.
It had a brken engine mount.
Hole in the zorst, leaking water into the engine bay.
A broken frayed negative battery lead.
A broken fuel oil gauge.
Spark plugs loose so the batery turned it over to start.

Was I seen comming. " I think so"
And I reckon the bids were fixed.

But now Ive spent and done loads of work on it it runs ok.

But why do people buy ski's and have no knowlegde or any idea about the mechanics of engines,
and expect them to run nice and perform like they should from new.
.................................................. .........I could swear but I wont.:confused:

07-22-07, 05:28 PM
yeah I understand you...two stroke engines are very different than 4 strokers!

As you can see on here, 99% of all posts are "help, this is broken", which is fine but at the same rate makes you wonder if you do buy a used jetski, what condition is it going to be in?

07-23-07, 04:40 AM
Too many people get bitten on the backside when buying used ski's, and that could prove to be very dangerous out in the open sea/ocean.
When I get time today I think a Thread could be started, on how to go about buying used, and what to look out for.
And people can add to it incase I miss something out.
Its not nice being ripped off.

07-23-07, 11:39 AM
Good idea 5upe. You also have a new PM.

07-23-07, 05:08 PM
Good idea 5upe. You also have a new PM.