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09-15-08, 08:34 PM
Howdy all ,Having some troubles troubleshooting .Got a 1 yr membership and downloaded the manual and have been studying this thing as if preparing for a final .I have a 2003 Islandia with a 250 m-2 opti ,bought this season . First couple weeks out was able to get 45 to 48 mph regularly ,donít remember the RPMs. on 1 to 3 foot chop. Then sucked up a plastic bag .Pulled out of water and removed bag ,noted that impeller had some nicks but nothing too horrible .Could wait till off season to replace .After that was getting 41 max at 5500 RPM .Figured impeller damage . Out a few weeks ago and found a bad MUCK bar sucked up some crud and the over heat sounded ,shut engine down ,rowed out to deeper water fired up ,no horn and idled back .We were already in a no wake at the time .next time out 35 max and only getting 52 to 5300 RPM .I had read in the m-2 manual that the 240 will run ď5750 -6250 RPM WOT Ē is this what my 250 should be hitting? Other than impeller and pump housing where else should I be looking . Any direction is appreciated

OOOOO and I am still looking for a online retailer for an impeller and merc parts. Iím in Ohio so going to Canada is kinda out of the question for me lol

09-20-08, 12:37 PM
Your WOT rpm range between the 240 adn 250 should be about right. I found some info on the 250, that actually had it around 6k......While reading on, I realized it was for the standard 250 optimax powerhead they used on a standard propped machine.........

I don't think the plastic bag would have an affect on your speed. The mud bar may have played a little, but you said after you got to deeper water, it stopped, so it sound to me, it all drained out.

Reading the manual, your obviously mechanically inclined. I believe by now, you've read that it's a total loss cooling system, gravity drains when out of the water, .........so even if you had sucked up a bit of mud, it would have flushed out when you put if on the trailer.................:cheers: