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10-10-07, 09:40 PM
Anyone had the same experience I am having with a “money back guarantee” on a three year extended Bombardier warranty? I purchased new 2003 GTX 4-TEC along with an extended three year warranty from a dealer (Team Savage, Clearwater, Florida – Now doing business as RideNow Motorsports). With a stipulation that if I did not use the service, within the warranty period, I would get the cost of the extended warranty ($799.00) refunded back to me. At the end of the warranty period I went back to the dealer in order to get my refund and was told that I had service performed on my Jet Ski (Their mechanics installed a new oil pressure switch).. Which is a bold faced lie.... I, in fact, purchased and installed myself in 2004! When I asked for a copy of the work order I was told that their computer records were lost! I have been informed that another customer was told the exact same thing when he applied for his refund!!!:boxing_smiley: At this point I don't know what to do in oder to get my money refunded??: :banghead:

10-11-07, 07:56 AM
This seems outrageous that a dealership would offer this and then not stand by the terms of the contract. IF you have the contract and you know that you've never used this service and are entitled to the refund, then I'd file court proceedings against this company. If you have the receipt for the part you purchased, that's a plus. If they told you they didn't have it, then they no longer have the ability to defend themselves in court either. If you know the other person, get him to involved and file a class action suit. When the dealership knows your serious and you let him know that you have filed the papers, then he may want to settle. At this point, I'd accept my refund, but also make him pay for the cost of the courts proceedings.


10-11-07, 08:41 AM
Thanks for the information. I asked for the name of the other person, but the representative would not give it to me. I was hoping that the person or persons reading my original post would let me know that they too had the same problem.

Going to court is a PAIN and I wanted to avoid it..if at all possible.

10-11-07, 10:49 AM
Get your extended warranty information and read it over really good to make sure your not missing something, you know, like between the lines. Then go talk to this guy. Being very polite and honest is key to getting a resolution from the salesperson who wrote the policy. Then if he still won't budge, with all respect, tell the gentleman that you'll being paying your lawyer consultation fees to find out what, if any course of action you'll be able to take next. With a lawyer involved, he'll have to prove by documentation that he did indeed preform the work he says he did that invalidates your warranty refund. If he can't do that, then you have a solid case. In seeing an attorney, if he looks it over and agrees with you, also tell him you want to sue the dealership for court costs and attorney fees.........you may even have some criminal and punitive compensation. If you let the attorney know that you know there are others who have had this type of scam placed on them too, then he may take out a newspaper add seeking others in order to file a class action suit against this company. I'd also call your local chapter of the Better Business Bureau and report them.
I've only heard your story, I haven't read your contract, but if all your saying is true, this guy has probably taken advantage of others and because he's gotten away with it, he'll continue to do it until he's stopped by a law suit.
Please, don't be frightened by this type of intimidation!........SEEK PROFESSIONAL ADVICE NOW!......DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE. PAY THE $50 BUCKS OR SO FOR A CONSULTAION!.....IT'S WORTH IT.

Once again, I'll make the disclaimer that I'm not a qualified lawyer and my opinion is just that. The advice is of an opinion I'm sharing with you and anyone who comes into a bad deal from any type of business that tries to take advantage of the individual.