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08-29-08, 12:35 AM
HI all!! I need some info from anybody that would know how to winterize a 1999 1800 seadoo challenger. This is my first Jet boat and I'm not to familiar with the mechanics.

08-29-08, 06:23 AM
There is an excellent "sticky" in the "how-to" thread above on how to winterize your boats........'

Just look up there, it's step by step.

08-29-08, 01:06 PM
Seadoo Winterizing

This is what you need to do to winterize your 2 Stroke Seadoo.
1) Insert fuel stabilizer in fuel tank. Make sure you have the proper mix ratio and rock the boat to mix it with gas.

2) Plug in the water hose in the back of the boat (not on the top because you will need to pinch some hoses to do it right). Start engine and let run for 4-5 minutes to get the stabilizer in the engine.

3) Use SEA-DOO LUBE (This is what seadoo recommends, and is made for this purpose) and spray inside the air intakes for at least 30-40 seconds. What I do is I spray the lube inside until the engine dies, then I know it's in there everywhere.

4) Remove spark plugs and spray SEA-DOO LUBE inside the holes. Don't be shy to use the stuff. Screw back the plugs in.

TIP: If you use the small red tube, hold onto it so it won’t fall into the engine.

5) Remove the gray cover on the PTO and grease the shaft (you will see the grease fittings after you remove the gray cover).

6) Now for the tricky part, adding the antifreeze. Be sure to use anti freeze made for aluminum block engines. You need to follow the service manual method exactly. The service manual says to pinch hoses, and insert the fluid from the top water line. On some models you needed to pinch 4 hoses. What I did is buy vice-grips with smooth jaws ($5.00 usd each). Fill it with around 2 liters of antifreeze, un pinch one hose, put another 6 oz., wait, then remove the vice-grips. Almost all the fluid will then come out at the bottom. The idea is to mix the antifreeze with whatever water was in the cooling system, so it doesn't freeze.

A service manual is a must and will be cheaper than if you get the engines winterized, so it's a definite good investment. It has pictures and detailed instructions for just about everything you need. I don't want to say what hose to pinch because it's different for each model. I recommend you join as a “Premium Member” to get your service manual and if you still have questions you could get advice from the forum’s expert moderators.

You also need to change the oil in the Jet Pump, incase it has water in it. Ask me for information and I’ll post it for you, as it is a bit much to post here in this post.

I hope this helps.


09-06-08, 02:44 PM
I joined as a member to get this manual that shows what hoses to clamp -
I have a 2001 challenger 2000 - I have both owners manual and the M2 jet service manual - there is no mention of having to put antifreeze through the system in these manuals - what am I missing - is there another service manual that has the proceedure in this forum?
Sorry first boat - I think I know which lines to clamp - but would like some confirmation - don't need a cracked block like my neighbour got last year

11-16-08, 02:11 AM
I am planning on putting antifreeze in the water line attachment until I see it come out of the jet. This is what I have been doing for years with all of my PWC's and never had a problem for 8 years that I owned them. My Challenger is in a heated garage right now and has not run since late September. I am thinking most water has evaporated anyways.

I also plan to fog the motor and take out the battery. I am not adding fuel stabalizer as I think it does more harm then good. I'll simply top my tank up with premium in the spring and run the tank close to an 1/8 before I refill.

If someone strongly disagrees with this please let me know as I plan to winterize anyday now so I can claim my garage back. This is my first jetboat. I am a PWC guy until 08.



11-16-08, 10:10 AM
The Merc engine has a totally different set up and is designed to lose all water when you pull it out of the water. The Rotax is a TLCS (total loss cooling system) too, but it seems water pockets remain in a few areas.

Your procedure for winterizing sounds fine. My favorite saying is "there is always more ways than one to skin a coon". So, in winterizing, I don't think that one way is better than anohter. As long as you get some in the system. I don't use it on my boat. I do my two skis because I don't mess with them much through the winter (although it only freezes 2 or 3 times a year) but I work on and run my boat on a regular basis in the off season. I have to tinker with everything........:rofl:

11-16-08, 11:40 AM
wayne99, the only other thing I would suggest with the Mercury M2 is change the jet pump oil. Just put the shifter in the forward position, and you can see the drain and fill plugs through the pump outlet. Mercury recommends you do it once a year, so I just do it as part of winterizing.:cheers: