View Full Version : Seadoo Challenger 240 m2 engine problem

08-22-08, 09:43 AM
Newbie here so hopfully i have given enough info to get started. I have a 2001 challenger 2000 with melted pistons. During compression test found cylinder 4 and 6 to have 20 and 40 lbs compression. Pulled the head off that side and found Piston 4 and 6 are melted/distroyed. Has anyone heard of this with these motors? I was told by the owner that there were no alarms or anything at any time. So i don't believe it was ran out of oil or anything. Not really sure if the motor is rebuildable or not until it is taken all the way apart. Does anyone know if there are short or long blocks avaliable for this? Or how easy are parts to get? Any information you can provide will be greatly appricated.


08-22-08, 11:46 AM
hey...did local Mercury dealer near you w/50mile radius of your city....http://direct.where2getit.com/cwc/apps/w2gi.php?client=mercurymarine&template=locator&PRODUCTFCT=OR&address=&city=lewisburg&state=ohio&postalcode=&radius=50&x=44&y=11

09-04-08, 12:04 PM
I have the same '01 challenger 2000, and had the same problem, no warning at all. the motor started to lose power and within seconds was dead. Only #6 melted on mine though, all the way down to the first ring land on the piston and scored the cylinder sleeve real bad. I wanted to figure out why it melted, after reading the manual saw that the only thing that could have caused it to fail like that would have had to be the oil injection to the #6 cylinder. On our motor everything for fuel/oil is common to all 6 cylinders, everything from both tanks to the fuel rail itself so I suspected a bad injector. I sent all 6 injectors to be flow checked and cleaned, the gentleman I sent them to sent them back with a refund because on the initial flow check all 6 flowed within 1% of each other. At this point I spent a few weeks trying to find parts, I would have blown a little over $2,000 for just parts WITHOUT the cylinder sleeve (that no one could find for me). I went to over a dozen dealers and machine shops, even tried to contact Mercury directly. still no luck. I don't know how much you're into it for but a new motor straight from Mercury is between 6,000-7,000 just for the bare power head. I found a place in Denver, CO ( http://www.crowleymarine.com/ ) that sold me a remanufactured power head for $3,200 with a core charge. I ended up doing all the work myself and spent a total of around 4,000. I have yet to get the boat back in the water and still don't know for sure why the piston melted but the engine runs strong and I was very impressed with the parts department and customer service I received. I hope this helps, if you have any other questions about my experience you can reply to this post or email me at scott.selby@us.af.mil