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10-03-07, 06:38 PM
I have a WHITE engine rotax type 587 with these word and number on it: Motnr 409524 and 913 270/275.
And a stainless steel jetpump with these number on it 271 000 090.
The Bombardier engine and jet pump believed to be early 1990. Can some one help me identify the year of the engine and the jet pump. Thank you

10-03-07, 07:41 PM
Well, hello again! Long time no talk!.......
Your question can be answered by looking at the HIN (hull identification number) or the EIN (engine identification number). Looking from the back of the craft, the HIN should be stamped on the right side. Those numbers are specific to the year and model. If you can get those, you'll know what year and make it is. Also, there were some models that had this plate stamped on the back platform, right under the tow hook.
The EIN, is located on top of the MAG cover. It seems you already found that because you know it's of the 500 series rotax engines. Looking at the numbers that you gave, I think it's going to be a 1992 model. Engines I'm finding before that date for the 587 were yellow engines. But if you can reply with the HIN, then we'll know for sure.
I tried to do a cross reference with the numbers you listed on the pump. My search came up blank. Once again, if we have the HIN, we can also determine the pumps information. :hat:

10-03-07, 08:42 PM
These are spare parts the guy gave me when I bought the 89 SP so no hull#.

10-03-07, 09:31 PM
Well, then an educated guess may be of some value. The number you gave me on the pump, looks like it may be a part number, but the data bases that I use to look up parts doesn't go past 1996. But the engine, when I was looking for something on it, they went back to 1989. But From 1989 thru 1991, the 587 engines were yellow. The first white 587 I can find is from 1992.
Wheels and Waves comes in often and he owns a PWC/ATV repair shop. Maybe he can give you a little more info than I can. :hat:

10-04-07, 11:48 AM
Thank you Seadoosnipe.

10-04-07, 01:29 PM
Your most welcome OldSeaDoo.......Anytime....:cheers: