View Full Version : bought 2 used sea doo

06-27-07, 04:09 PM
I just bought 2 1996 sea doos. 1 is a gtx the other is a gsx. They have not been run in 5 or 6 years and i am trying to get them started. I drained the gas and replaced the battery in the gtx but i cant seem to get any power to the pwc. Is there anything special you have to do to get these things started?

07-16-07, 02:45 AM
not to make u sound stupid but did u connect the tether

07-28-07, 02:14 AM
Check EVERYTHING that is electrical....in particular, inspect the box where the spark plug wires go into. The ignition coil, a 15A fuse, and the starter relay are in there. If water or condensation got in there, a lot of things aren't going to work right in there - no gauges or red warning light was my indicator of this problem.

If you can crank the starter, then fueling is probably your next issue. Clean out the fuel filter bowl, inspect the fuel lines for degredation, and check/clean the fuel selector valve (RES/OFF/GAS). Beyond that requires tearing down the carbs, cleaning them, rebuilding with new gaskets and doing the pop off test.