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09-26-11, 07:52 PM
The bailer systems suction box's are held to the floor by two stainless spring holders. The two lines have a 90* fitting where they are zip-tied under rear seat compartment, then go back down to attach to the two smaller of three (3rd is water pressure inlet line) nipples from the jet-pump. The venturi houseing has veins that lead out of ventiri rear where two bailer tubes are inserted, and protrude into the outgoing jet wash, that provides a constant bilge suctioning thru this system of tubes and its bailer box. If the zip-tied lines fall or the tubes break or fall out the system fails and water can ENTER into the bilge, your ski could sink!

Seadoo 140MM jet-pump venturi bailer tubes - dual taper

Newer style tubes '96-up white/clear Pt #271000464 lenghth 3 1/8" 80MM

Old School style tubes '88-'95 black Pt # 293700017 lenghth 1 7/8" 48MM

Jet pump bailer screw-in fittings are Pt # 393700017

I get these from RIVA. Briand@rivamotorsports.com

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