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06-12-08, 01:55 AM
i have a older (1992) seadoo gtx that was given to me. i took it out today and rode for 4 hours and at the end of fun, it was bogging down. i made it to the dock, put it on a trailer, lifted the seat and the engine compartment was full of water, yes the plug was in and tight!!! any suggestions what would cause this???

06-12-08, 02:27 PM
I would check all the cooling lines in the seadoo. Chances are you'll find a cracked or split hose or something. You could also run it on the hose too to see where the water is coming from. It might be harder as the load isn't on the engine as it is in the water. Here is some information on running it on the garden hose. YES, you can hook up the hose to the seadoo and have them run for up to 5 minutes. Connect the hose and start the seadoo. Turn on the water after it is started. Turn off the water, than shut down the seadoo. This way it won't allow water to back flow into the engine through the exhaust due to no back pressure from the engine not running. The bearings and seals on the impeller jet pump are cooled from being in the water. When it is on the trailer it doesn't have that cooling effect so they will get hot after about 5 minutes.
I pre start my seadoo's too, dry before I leave for the launch too. Just for a second or 2 to be sure it will start at launch. Peace of mind is worth lot.

I hope this helps.


07-05-08, 10:03 PM
Ran hose test and no water was visible, what other suggestion available, PLEASE

robin savell lloyd
07-06-08, 02:04 AM
you can put it back in the water with the seat off and look and see where the water is coming in at. some people will fill the inside of the hull just before it reaches the bottom of carbs. I do not like to do this just incase I had a bad seal on my magneto houseing. but if I was 50 + miles from water I would.

07-06-08, 11:54 AM
I had a water problem with my 97 GTX that was hard to find. It was a small crack in the water jacket of one of the cylinders. The crack was on the back so it was all but impossible to see with out using a small mirror. Karl is correct with the water hose scenario that the engine may not produce enough pressure to push the water out of the crack. I was lucky enough that just enough came out so see with the mirror.

While running at low speeds in the water, this crack was actually filling up the engine compartment as I wasn't going fast enough for the syphons to drain it. The problem was much worse if I had 3 people on or I was pulling a tube. Thus the engine was working harder, pumping more water inside and still not enough speed for the syphons to overcome it.

I had to change the cylinder and did the top end at the same time.

Hope this helps.


07-07-08, 01:11 AM
My first experience with a hull full of water was caused by a leaking prop shaft seal. I left the ski in the water overnight and the next morning only the nose was above water.

The next time I saw the hull full, I was running full speed, the key popped off and I jammed it back on quickly. That caused a backfire that blew the exhaust hose off the muffler, and man that puppy filled up fast.