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06-10-08, 04:36 PM
Hi Folks,

I've owned ski boats for many years, but have only had the Seadoo for about four years. It's a 94 (I think) SPi. Great running little boat, but has developed an interesting problem. About once a weekend it will fail to start because someting is keeping it from turning over. I can turn the flywheel by hand to release the bind, and then it starts. I think it must be the starter shaft hanging up because I don't know what else could bind. Has anyone ever run into this?

Also, because the lake level is low and gas is so expensive, I'd like to get a second Seadoo that is a little more powerful. I'd like a late 90's, three passenger, 110 hp with reverse. What model(s) would that be?

I'm a do-it-yourself mechanic, and will tackle about anything with the great advice I can get on forums.

Hound Dog
06-10-08, 05:27 PM
As far as the bind goes, have you looked inside the pump where the prop spins. You can get a blister in there from corrosion and it actually sticks up & binds the prop on the pump housing and it too can be forced free. Its happened to me on 2 jet skis.

If thats what it is, you have to hone the pump housng or grind down the prop blade. It cuts down on a little on the power but not even noticeably. I've done it several times.

Hound Dog