View Full Version : Another thing i would like to know about my 92XP

06-10-08, 12:18 AM
Im a noob with seadoo's but am just wondering one thing, when i go to start my seadoo will it beep before it starts like all the ones i see? jsut wondering. and this ski is in great shape other than i need a new motor for it has 2100 hours on it hahahha, but its worth it for getting it for free! and it bein my first ski so i cant wait.

06-10-08, 07:56 AM
Older ski, one of the first.

Your engine is the 587cc and will cost you about $750 bucks for a long block. So, you should decide if the cost is worth the resale value, unless you don't care and just want to ride.

The 587, although reliable, is not a sporty engine. It is not equipped with the DESS system or the MPEM, so no, you will not get the double beeps. Your start/stop syetem isn't equipped with lanyard with the ROM chip and the magnetic post.........

Good luck......and :cheers: