View Full Version : '96 GTX bogs down after 1 minute

06-09-08, 07:52 PM
Like a true brain surgeon, I hooked up the intake/output cooling hoses backwards after de-winterizing. My nephew rode it until it began taking on water. It had gotten so hot that it melted the fiberglass exhaust port and the flexible hose had popped-off. Oh boy, yeah. It filled with water, I trailered it home, pumped out the cylinders, WD40ed, New Plugged, and it fired right up. I had assumed the problem was caused by the Water Regulator Valve. I fixed it. And took it to the water again. Plugs fouled after about 10 minutes. After determining that it was overheating (thanks to the forum), I switched hoses and it is not over heating now. However, it still bogs down after about 1 minute. Plugs are wet upon removal. Should I try a new set of plugs? Or have I screwed-up something else?

06-11-08, 03:06 PM
Dubbadee.....nice, ok...let plugs off for a few, see if that will dry out cylinders. B-4 rid'n ,do compression test, if ok, then install plugs and givva try