View Full Version : Buying New PWC's Either Honda OR SeaDoo?

06-26-07, 12:13 AM
Alright i have to know, i'm going to buy some new jet ski's this summer and i need to know what is best. A Honda? Or a SeaDoo? Please someone tell me, which is faster, which has better quality, things like that, i want to hear from people that know, and have experience in the situation.

07-23-07, 05:33 PM
Having read your post I have got to say I had never heard of the Honda range of Jetski's.
Having searched and looked at the advertisement, I have to say they look really smart.
But.........4 stroke engined ski's tend to be heavier in the water. Even though it has a large engine and massive fuel tank. Its looking like the Honda range with turbo is made for pleasure boating and not racing about.
It al depends what job you want your ski to do I suppose.

Going back to the Honda advertising.......personally I would buy Seadoo because of them being more established in personal watercraft sale's.

So I would wait and see if they have any hicups for the first few years of build before buying one new. But thats my own opinion.;)