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06-08-08, 09:39 PM
Hi, I just bought a 1994 spx 650 and I wanted to know what kind of upgrades are good for it or if I need to replace the engine to make it go fast. How many miles if modded properly can I reach with it? Is it worth the effort and money? I'm really new at this so a little or very much advice is more than welcome.

06-09-08, 04:35 PM
For a 1994 seadoo it wouldn't be worth the aggravation to try to spend money modding it to get like 5 mph more out of it. Sell it and buy a newer faster model.


06-12-08, 05:20 PM
like what? there selling me a 1998 gs 720 for $1500. is it worth it or not?

06-12-08, 05:28 PM
Thats a fun ski!!...sister has that, does 55mph-ish. I'd buy it for $1500 bones

robin savell lloyd
06-12-08, 05:42 PM
Call Dave at impros and tell him you want speed. he may be able to give you another 5 to 10 mph and order a new wear ring and pump seal. If I am not mistaken you may hit speeds above 50 mph without any other up grades. good luck. :cheers:

06-13-08, 09:37 PM
who's dave and where do I contact him? is the 50 mph on the 650 or the 720?

robin savell lloyd
06-13-08, 09:47 PM
Call Dave and ask him questions. Impros 909-370-4900 Good luck Robin :cheers:

06-15-08, 02:22 PM
I have a bone stock 1995 SPX and I've had a friend of mine with a ski boat check my speed while we were running side by side on a lake. According to his speedometers (which only go to 55), I was doing a little above 55, so I figure 56 or 57 was my top speed.

I've had my XP to just a bit past 65 (according to the onboard speedometer). At the time, my VTS gauge was broken so I was having to guess at the trim settings. Now that I've replaced the gauge, I'm going to try a few high speed runs again and see what it tops out at...

06-16-08, 02:08 PM
can't wait to hear the results

06-16-08, 02:24 PM
The true reading of speed on the water is with a GPS...


06-18-08, 04:12 PM
I'm curious to know if it should be polished to a mirror finish or do I need to leave some porousity in it.

06-18-08, 05:00 PM
Also, whats the best rotary valve size for the 650 engine or how can I find out.