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06-06-08, 03:13 PM
This what happens when you buy 2 ski's on a double trailer with the intent of keeping them in your garage, but you fail to measure the trailer first to make sure it will fit through the garage door opening! Trailer = 8'-6" : Garage = 8'-0 Es no bueno!

Just wanted to put this out there for anybody else who is looking for a roll around stand for their ski for the garage. These are the two I built.

These are based off multiple designs I have seen, but with a few little things I thought of to help me out (like the winch cranks mounted on the ends). I put the winches on the stands so it would ease removal of the ski's from the trailer. You push the stand up to the bunks on the trailer (all bunks are the same hieght for this reason), hook up the winch from the stand to the hook on the back of the ski, and then just crank it off the trailer. Very little effort involved.

Putting them back on the trailer is just as easy. You just use the winch on the trailer and pull them up just like you would from the water. Very simple.

What do ya'll think?

FYI, there is a slight difference in width of the bunks from the SPX to the GSX. That is why the stands are painted to match the ski (not just because I wanted to be cute!).

06-06-08, 07:54 PM
Very nice!!

06-06-08, 09:46 PM
I had the same prob with my 14' Challenger. I wonder if they make one for my boat. I wanted to keep it in the garage when we had our twice a year freeze, but the trailer was too big.

Very nice........I like!.

06-06-08, 10:15 PM
Thanks, guys. If there is one thing I love to do, it's making things.

You'll have to excuse the mess behind the ski's. I sold my old Z car to make room for the new toys and I still have a few parts left that the new owner has yet to pick up. Lots shelf space soon to be available.

The other side to the stands is what we did to the fence to fit the trailer on the side of the house. Between the house and the fence, I have exactly 8'-8". So we rebuilt the front fence panel to be removable. The entire section pulls out of the ground in one piece (yeah, it's a little heavy). It's built on metal fence posts that are set in sleeves in concrete. Pretty nifty idea. Pull the panel up, set it on the neighbors side of the fence (or lay it down in the yard), then just slide the trailer in the back yard. I'd show you pictures of that, but who really thinks that a fence is cool? :)

A concrete pad for the trailer to sit on will be coming in the next few months. Too hot to be pouring concrete right now; I'd rather be spending my time at the lake.