View Full Version : where do i get some flame arrestors from ?

euro scott
06-04-08, 11:27 AM
i took the airboxs off off of both my ski's as its a real pain to work on or see whats going on and i know i should something over the carbs but cant really find anything for 97 gtx, also i hear about re-jetting when you install whats the real deal?

06-04-08, 11:41 AM
Heres ur specs....(2)BN-40I sq. body, mains=142.5, lows=70, n/s=1.5, psi=23-43, LSA=1, HSA=0mag, .5pto
Where to find....ebay, k/n, parkeryamaha, babbitsonline...think'n though, arrestors will come w/ some ballbark idea what to jet, if not, keep search'n around, or someone will drop in...