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05-29-08, 11:45 AM
What's up,
My new 07 GTX 155 is getting it's 1st 10 hr services done right now,
I'll be going out with some friends that have a Yamaha's (Gp1200
& Gp 1300) and I was wondering a few things ???
uno: my GTX has 7 hrs and I'm getting it serviced so I can ride this weekend with friends, how hard should I be able to push this bike (my GTX)

2) Will the Yamaha's keep up with me :rofl: are they faster .... does anybody have any idea how fast will 07 GTX 155hp go ????? top speed

3) please let me know if i should ride my Doo hard with only 7 hrs on it, after the first 10hr service is done (been done today)????? My goal is to keep this Doo for many years to come, so I want to make sure I brake it in right ....

Please advice & thank you in advance. ...

05-29-08, 12:44 PM
The first thing to realize is the "10hr" service is to put time on the engine to get it to break in. It usually takes "10hrs" to break it in...than its checked over, things are tightened and the oil is examined to be sure it is working properly. That's why it is the "10hr " break-in...I put 14 hours on mine before the "10 Hr" service was performed. I wasn't going to cut my "breakin time" and not have fun over the weekend it happened. Just my thoughts.


05-29-08, 04:09 PM
I agree with Karl.....10 hours is just what it means, 10 hour break in. I think because it's the 155 hp, you may be able to hit WOT for a few seconds, then back off it.

But let's talk about the Yamahammer's.........Their fastest and most powerful ski on the market is the 2008 FX-SHO with a 1812cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder engine. But, from what I have read about it, what it gains in displacement, it loses in overall weight.

The FX 1300R has a 3 cylinder, 2-cycle engine which makes it quick. It's engine displaces 1297cc's.

The GTX with the 4-TEC engine, although not the most powerful, is quick on it's own merit. The engines displacement is 1494cc's. So, if you want to know who will outrun who? Well, here is where they say they seperate the race drivers from the wanna be's. Because 40% of a race is on the engine, the other 60% is on the person racing it.

They won't up and leave you, but you will probably have fun trying to see who's better.........

Good luck....and wait on that ten hour time limit. If you want to just jump-um off the line, I think you'll be fine with 8 or 9 hours, since varying the throttle in break-in is important, but I'd not run WOT for any more than a few seconds at a time.

Good luck!........Have fun!...:cheers:

05-30-08, 10:52 AM
Thank you all for all the information and advice, I had the service done yesturday and I was told that everything looks good, they showed me a
print out report (very indetail) swoing everything the Doo had done second by second.
I will take you guys advice and take it very easy tomorrow wile out with
the Yami's ....
this forum is awesome, friendly and full of knowledge .....
I still need to post some pic's ??????