View Full Version : Go New or Stay Old?

05-28-08, 11:22 PM
Guessing my GSX will need an engine rebuild and VTS work, while it's running and working for now, trade it in on a new/newer ski, and fix the GSX and deck it out with new paint, hydroturf, seat, bars, decals and the whole works? i like the ski it's fine. for a 96 to go 55+ i cannot complain, although wanting a newer ski such as an XPL/XP or RXP they are expensive and i don't know how they have been used or abused mechanically and physically. either way it's expensive. so keep what i have and make it great or buy something great?:confused:
and is it possible to replace my 787 engine with a 951 engine, how much would that run? i looked for prices but only found engine parts..

05-29-08, 08:08 AM
You'll need to be happy with the 787, since the electrical systems and a host of other things, including throttle cable, would have to be replaced. For the price, you could buy one cheaper. The motor mounts, weight load, .....nothing about the 951 would match.........

I love the 787 cause of how easy it is to work on.......:cheers: