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05-27-08, 09:25 AM
What up !!!!!!!
I'm wondering if I can do the first oil change/service my self,
what oil weight, brand do I buy & what else do I need to change
or replace at the first 10 hr service ???

I also need a single trailer, if anybody out there has a single
trailer for sale, please let me know ....

Thxs ....

05-27-08, 11:48 AM
Here is the oil and filter info for changing it your self.

Here is the info on the oil change. If you still need info let me know. I own a 200 speedster 310 hp.
Here are the part numbers you need to change the oil and filter in ALL 4-tec engines.
(3) "O" rings

Oil filter /I use a K&N off their website.

Oil 10w40 Mineral Oil from seadoo#219700346-$6.50 a qt.
Be sure you use 10w40, marine 4 stroke Oil, with a API of SL, SJ or SN.
You need 3 L or 2.7 us quarts with filter for oil change.

Oil extractor from West Marine. Company Tempo, Part# 170200 Model# OB5 Retails about $50.00.
Change the oil when it is warm. Rev the engine to 4,000 rpm for 10 sec. and shut off at this rpm. This moves all the oil from the pto housing to the oil tank for maximum draining. Remove the oil filler cap and the dipstick. Insert the extractor tube in the dipstick 18.7 inches from the top of the dipstick pipe. Wrap tape around the tube to be sure it is in that deep. Next, extract the oil from the dipstick. (on pwc models only, the next step applies)When no more oil is extracted, pull the tube out of the dipstick hole and crake the engine(do not start) while the engine is in drown mode(fully depress the throttle lever, or on Jet Boats grab the throttle cable linkage at the throttle body and HOLD it open than crank the engine, get a friend to help)
Crank the engine for 10 seconds, Extract oil again, repeat crank extract 2-3 more times.
Keep track of how much oil you extract and add what you removed.

You will need a E-10 star socket or a 8mm(6pt) socket to remove the oil filter cap. There are 3 "O" rings in the filter cap area if they are damaged change them. Check level, and go have fun. I hope this info helps.


05-27-08, 07:25 PM
Well, you dont' have your type PWC listed and it's not in your public profile, so I'll just go generic here. The only thing I'm pretty sure of here, is that your PWC is new.

You may want to check/read your warranty information really good, because in you doing that service yourself, they may void engine damage in the future.

The biggest reason they want that ski back in after 10 hours is to see the condition of the oil. Are there any "shavings" in it? Does it have a milky color? etc....to make sure the engine isn't about to have some type major problem. Just because it's new, doesn't mean it can't have a defect.

If you don't and if your 4-TEC (I'll assume you have the 4-TEC, since its used in the majority of skis now) has a bearing lock up or a supercharger failure, I can tell you the first thing there going to say is "hey, we don't have a record of you coming in for your 10 hour inspection"! So, your screwed.

The 10 hour service isn't all about the oil change, it's about checking the health of your engine. And with these 4-TEC's being as highly sophisticated as they are, I'd bite the bullet and pay them their money. When your under warranty, cross your "t's" and dot your "i's" cause like any company, if they can find a way of cutting their loses due to your fault, uh, they will.

BTW.....I'm a stickler for any kind of repair shop. I'm a pessimist who isn't very trusting of their loyalty to their customer. Would never take my engine to them, unless it was brand new and I didn't want to lose my "freebie" engine replacement if something happened.

Good luck!...........and welcome to the world of fast skis! :cheers:

05-28-08, 10:47 AM
Sorry, I have a 4 stroke 07 GTX 155hp, non supercharged ...
Here is the dealer I found, how do I find out if they are a reliable Sea Doo dealer to work with ??
anywhere on line that I can check ??????
This was the only dealership that can have my Doo serviced by this weekends ride, i hope it all goes well ... any advice will help ..
Thank you

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