View Full Version : '97 Sea Doo GTX - Tuned pipe alignment

05-25-08, 09:27 PM
I just replaced the 787 engine and when putting exhaust system back on, i cannot get the tuned pipe to connect (with the large steel o-ring clamp) to the othe pipe that runs along the lower side of engine to the water box.

I put the clamp on hoping to pull the pies tight but there is an 1/8 inch gap around half the connection.

Any ideas?


05-25-08, 09:52 PM
You'll need to loosen the bolts at the top of the exhaust, connect the "O" clamp, then tighten the allen head bolts back down.
I wonder why your off so bad though. I pulled mine this past summer to make repairs to it and it fitted practically back flush. Maybe had 1/16" to pull together.

You didn't loosen anything else but the "O" clamp? Do the above to get your fit because if I remember right, the other end is secured at the motor mounts. So, if you loosen the 4 allen head bolts at the top, you'll be able to get your fit, then pull it down with the other 4 bolts....