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05-18-08, 02:43 PM
In the process of installing a SBT rebuilt engine into my 97 XP. Engine went together fine. Now it's time to O/H the carbs. Very dirty, I think they had some salt water in them. Took a few hours just to get them apart with some heat from a torch (just broke one screw). Spent allot of time cleaning that white powder stuff out. But the problem is the accelerator pump, valves and hoses. I had to drill out the plugs on the pump housing to get to the check valves and free them up. There is one check valve in line that is made out plastic that I can't get to work. I went to the parts view and found only the hose with a price of $35. So I "assume" that this is an assembly with the check valve.

Has anyone come across this before??? Any thing else I should be looking for while I have these carbs apart??

05-18-08, 02:53 PM
uh...it's not a good thing to use a "torch", or any kind of flame on the carbs or anything with fuel in them....they could explode from the gas fumes...spray PB-BLASTER on them and let them set for a short time. I use it on all frozen parts.


05-18-08, 03:06 PM
Yes you must be very careful using an open flame around any thing that had fuel in it. But I have been doing repairs on machinery for over 35 years now, sometimes penetrating oils wont do it. I found that heating the bolts with a torch will do the trick (but only for professionals). I have yet to have something blow up on me but I have seen a U-joint cap go through a ceiling panel when heated by a torch.

Now do you know anything about the hose and check valve assembly????

05-18-08, 03:44 PM
Is the check valve in the Accelerator pump in the carburetor throat? I know the carbs real well. I too have over 33 years in the industry.

I understand your professionalism is up to standard...but remember that this is a public forum and we have a lot of inexperienced, sometimes under aged members reading every word. Safety is first! I have had questions from 10 year olds...


05-22-08, 08:20 PM
Mfg Product Number: 272000112
Description: GARDE ARBRE TRA*GUARD-SHAFT for Sea-Doo

This hose has the check valve for the accelarator pump. Now my accl. pump works. I hope the rest of the carbs work:rofl: