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05-17-08, 02:03 PM
hey we are relatively new tho the seadoo we have owned ours for five years. We went to start it for the first time this season and it was making a very loud thunking noise. we ended up buying e new battery and putting it in that didnt help. So we took out the sprk plugs and found that our engine was full of water!!!!!!! NOT GOOD I DONT THINK?????? :confused:

05-17-08, 02:19 PM
If you've ingested water into the engine, but it's still turning over, leave the spark plugs out and turn the engine over till all the water finishes spitting out. Then, take some of your 2 cycle oil and pour about 1 oz. in each cyclinder. Then, spin it over to get good lubrication. Then, put everthing back together and give it a try.
The Rotax will take a lot, even being filled with water but you have to take immediate steps in getting the water out and lubricating before rust sets in.

05-17-08, 02:28 PM
we are going to do that right now :)

05-17-08, 02:40 PM
we gave it a try. and we think it needes some new spark plugs? but we dont really understand how the water got in ?????? its the first time that has happened??

05-17-08, 04:16 PM
I just had a similar problem. The doo ran fine until the last minute and it started acting like it ran out of fuel. I brought it home and filled it up but it still would not start. Fearing the salt water would destroy the engine I flushed it out without the engine running. I think this caused more problems. I have removed the plugs numerous times, cleaned, sprayed, blown, used starting fluid but still the engine will only sputter from time to time. I think there is water in the carbs but I do not know how to remove them. I can't even LOCATE them. HELP!!!!

05-17-08, 07:17 PM
Yes, you'll probably need to change them. Do you know how to check them for spark? Leave the plugs out of the plug holes and ground, at least one of them to the head using an "electricians" screwdriver or a small piece of wooden broom handle. If not, you'll experience the reason why mechanics hate working with coils.....40,000 volts is one hell of a jolt. When you turn the motor over, you will be looking for a blueish orange color spark. If you got spark and your able to blow out most, or all of the water, then lubricate, you may be able to get a start.
Be patient in starting. The engine will need a lot of rotation (starting) to clean itself up. Do not use your starter for anymore than 30 seconds at a time. It will overheat and then you'll be buying a new one. Let it cool for a couple minutes, then try again. You can tell if your overheating by grabbing the ground wire of the battery. If it's hot, you've used the starter too much. If it's possible, after you get the new plugs, get the gas can that you use for your weed eater or chain saw and pour a "coke cap" full into each cylinder. Then try and start it. If it hits and runs for a second, then you will be looking at carb issues or water in the fuel or any combination of problems when water gets into your fuel system.
There are a couple ways water can get into your engine. You can ingest water through the exhaust system. For instance, you roll it over upside down. When you right the engine, your suppose to roll it so that your exhaust manifold rolls to the direction that puts it under the motor, not on top. This is when the water will go into the cylinders.
The water jacket, if breached by a gasket at the exhaust manifold, will also dump water into the combustion area. The tuned exhaust pipe is double lined, creating a passage for the water to circulate before going into the block of the engine. The preheat keeps thermal shock to a minimum.
The water hose.....Never attach the water hose to the ski without it running. The procedure is to attach the hose to the flushout connection, start the motor, then turn on the water. The reason is for this is that pressure from your water jacket can enter into your combustion area from outside pressure. If you start the engine, the inside (combustion) pressure is greater than the outer (water jacket).
Lastly, if you don't know where the carbs are, you may be best served to take your PWC to a certified OEM specialist.

05-17-08, 09:47 PM

My son just bought a used 96 gsx, it was in excellent condition, started perfectly, and we we're psyched to go skiing today, last week he went out and washed and waxed it up and hooked a hose to the rear without starting it. As expected there was water in the engine. I've drained the water, removed the plugs, sprayed a dry-out lube in it and turned it over several times with the plugs out. It has blown all the water out but..... we put new plugs back in and now it just goes clunk.... won't turn-over, i've been told to repeat this step several times by the dealer. I've done it a freaking 100 times today and nothing...... Can anyone give me any idea what to do next................"frustated" and it's 90 degrees here in seattle !

05-18-08, 12:22 AM
When you say it "just goes clunk"...what do you mean? When you hit the start button, does the starter turn say, a 1/4 turn then go "clunk"? Or, does it just go clunk the minute you hit the starter? With the plugs out, will it spin over?
What kind of plugs did you replace with?
Until you post with more info about your "clunk", make sure you pull the plugs, spray some "lithium" grease into the plug holes and turn it over by hand if necessary. Don't let the motor seize up on you.

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05-18-08, 10:44 AM
thanks we are going out this morning to get some new sparkplugs. Im already praying.lol

05-18-08, 08:56 PM
well we went and bought the sparkplugs it started up and ran good. we decided to put it in the water and give it a shot. I ran it for not three minites and the was a loud beep and the engine dropped RPMs. I putted my way back to the beach where we pulled it out and found the engine compartment full of water. I had noticed that when we first put it in the water it would not run at top RPMs it was bogging down? After drainig the water we found that our water cooling hose was not connected. It had been earlier when we ran it connected to the gardening hose??????? DID we blow up the engine???? if so how much cash?????:confused:

05-18-08, 09:14 PM
I don't think you blew the engine. If you did, you'd know. Their would be some knocking and engine noise that you'd never heard before.
Fix the water line and try it again. You may have ingested some water...
To make sure your crank and all is o.k., you can remove the shaft cover on the back of the pto side, remove the spark plugs and turn the engine over, counterclockwise, by hand. It should rotate smoothly. If it's clicking, or stopping before you make a complete revolution, then you may have engine damage.
A new OEM refurbished engine for your ski runs somewhere around the neighborhood or $700-$1000 dollars, depending on where and what kind of warranty you get with it.
Good luck.........

05-18-08, 10:13 PM
While in the water the engine went to have power and sounded horrible. after we took it out of the water and drained everything out and started it again it seemed to run fine at high RPM??????? Was that beep a warning that the engine is over heating????? ddi it go to half power by itself??