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08-14-07, 09:18 PM
So where does everyone ride their skis at? Currently I've been riding in a lake out here named Sturgeon. How different is it from the ocean?

08-15-07, 06:16 PM
Hi and welcome to the forum.:)

Im over in England and ride my ski in the North Sea.
Its cold most of the time but us hardened Skiers dont let that stop us having fun.
We get some variable Sea conditions out there. Where it can be flat and smooth then it can become very choppy. Then theres the waves that appear from nowhere and can break right on the shore line.
So we have various conditions to try out on, but its salt water not fresh.
I dont think I'll get the chance to try out in fresh water.
But im off too Ontario on my birthday so I might get to try it out then.

08-15-07, 07:01 PM
I ride out in tampa bay, have ridden in lakes and its a lot different, not nearly as fun as bouncing off waves in the ocean.

08-16-07, 03:30 PM
Is the water clean and warm Greg.
Might be a holiday for next year.:)

08-16-07, 04:33 PM
There is a coal burning power plant near that you can visit for warm water all around the year ;)

Currently water temps are ~ 90 F (32c) around here.

08-17-07, 05:30 AM
There is a coal burning power plant near that you can visit for warm water all around the year ;)

Currently water temps are ~ 90 F (32c) around here.

No thanks:o The hot water attracts all sorts of nasty biteing fish.

The powerstation that used to be near us had some weird looking creatures swimming around the out pipe.;)

08-17-07, 11:28 AM
1 death in 25 years in tampa bay from a shark. Only reason the guy died (this was about 7 years ago now) was because he literally jumped off his dock onto the head of a bull shark.

If you go to Venice beach (about 80 miles south) you'll find yourself at the shark-tooth capital of the world. The beaches are littered with them. But again, not many attacks or anything.

08-17-07, 11:42 AM
Sunny South East Florida.....:D

08-17-07, 12:51 PM
Sunny South East Florida.....:D

Best place to ride! Well that I've been anyway. You near Tampa mini?

08-17-07, 01:07 PM
No im on East Coast Hobe Sound.. about 3 minutes from Inter Coastal water way and close to the ocean. The Polaris pefers to stay in the river..lol:cool:

08-17-07, 09:27 PM
I ride in a lake as well haven't tried the ocean yet. Watching some of these videos it looks great.

09-03-07, 09:07 PM
No place better than the OHIO river! Sticks, catfish. barges-there is something for everyone!

09-04-07, 12:33 AM
Northern California here.

My boat has seen mostly freshwater around the San Francisco Bay Area:
-Coyote Reservoir - Gilroy, CA
-Anderson Reservoir - Morgan Hill, CA
-Calero Reservoir - San Jose, CA (http://www.parkhere.org/portal/site/parks/parkschp?path=%2Fv7%2FParks%20and%20Recreation%2C% 20Department%20of%20%28DEP%29%2FReservations%2FBoa ting%20Reservations)
-Sacramento River Delta (http://www.sevencrown.com/lakes/california_delta/paradise_point/index.htm) - Stockton, CA
-Nacimiento Reservoir (http://www.nacimientoresort.com/) - Paso Robles, CA
-San Antonio Reservoir (http://www.lakesanantonio.net/) - Paso Robles, CA

I've also put it in these central valley locations:
-San Luis Reservoir (http://ludb.clui.org/ex/i/CA3020) - Los Banos, CA (marine conditions when it is windy)
-Hensley Lake (http://www.recreation.gov/recAreaDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&recAreaId=481&agencyCode=130) - Raymond, CA
-New Hogan Reservoir- (http://www.spk.usace.army.mil/organizations/cespk-co/lakes/newhogan.html)Valley Springs, CA
-Pine Flat Reservoir- (http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/sierra/recreation/lakes/pine-flat/index.shtml) Raymond, CA
-Lake Shasta- (http://www.shastalake.com/) Shasta, CA (big, bad, and beautiful)
-Lake Shastina- (http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/klamath/recreation/fishing/reservoirs/shastina.shtml) Weed, CA
-New Bullard's Bar Reservoir - Dobbins, CA

But I find my greatest freedom (and fear) on the salt water - no speed limits or crowded conditions.
-Port of Redwood City (http://www.redwoodcityport.com/)- Redwood City, CA (my current favorite spot)
-Monterey Bay, Pacific Ocean- (http://www.santacruzharbor.org/) Santa Cruz, CA
-Coyote Point, San Francisco Bay- (http://www.co.sanmateo.ca.us/smc/department/home/0,,5556687_12305991_12319043,00.html) San Mateo, CA

09-04-07, 03:48 PM
Wow JPX pretty neat break down you got there.

09-05-07, 07:39 PM
I ride in Barnigate bay, I't's a large bay, and most of the time It's flat...

09-07-07, 12:09 AM
I leave my home from Perch creek ride into Dog river for some good smooth riding, taking the S turns while pulling my kids on their tube. Then I head out into the west side of Mobile Bay, where the water can be as smooth as glass one minute, then 2 ft. seas the next. I've only made the venture down the westen side of Mobile Bay one time to Dauphin Island, which is on the northern end of the Gulf of Mexico. Their, I don't care what you ride, most of the time you get beat up pretty bad.
I used to do a lot of water sking on a river when I lived in Brandenton....years ago, when I could barefoot...the Ali Fi river I think. Used to go out into the bay....lots of shallow water out there and fast boats!

07-16-08, 11:24 PM
Rhode Island anyone else from here

07-16-08, 11:43 PM
longpoint bay off of lake Erie on the canadian side. The water can be flat as glass or big 6ft swells/waves at the water temp is about 80. my picture is where i always boat. not normaly that busy but thats of a party on the lake close to 10,000 boats happens once a year, its not an arranged party it just happens it a tradition thats been going on for over 50 years called POTTAHAWK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DaiXK6cZ2jg&feature=related

07-17-08, 09:39 AM
Columbia Valley in British Columbia - so far Lake Windermere and Columbia Lake

07-17-08, 10:07 PM
Lake Wallenpaupack, PA. The largest lake in PA from what I hear.

Westcolang Pond, PA (private property) for wakeboarding purposes.

Once in a while I bring it to NYC and take a lap around Manhattan(tho you don't want that water splashing you in the mouth..:rofl:)

07-17-08, 10:11 PM
gulf of mexico and a few local bays

07-18-08, 10:23 AM
I ride mostly in West Galveston Bay. Some lakes and rivers. I just like going fast with mine.

07-18-08, 10:44 AM
Gulf of Mexico with the sharks and dolphins they both seem friendly enough just make sure the wife goes first to see how hungry they are lmao

Waiting for a hurricane to come then we should all get together and jump some mad waves whos in?:cheers:

07-18-08, 11:06 AM
Sounds good to me. Thats along ride for me though. It may take awhile.

07-18-08, 11:24 AM
Mostly Lake Erie.

07-18-08, 11:38 AM
slowboatin, you live right near me.

I have been skiing and boating a bit in Bastrop Bayou, about 10 minutes south of my house in Angleton (free ramp is located at FM 2004 intersection with FM 523, about 3 miles east of Richwood/Clute). We also go out under the bridge on the way to Surfside for some intracoastal waterway riding and looking at bayhouses.

We may try San Bernard river this weekend, if we can figure out where the locals put in.

We had some fun up at Lake Somerville with the XP a couple times this year.

Plan on San Jacinto River near Crosby, Lake Houston, and we would love to do some weekend trips to the hill country for Canyon Lake, Lake Buchanan, Lake Travis, etc.

I got hooked on jetskiing on a BRAND NEW 96 XP back in 1996 on Possum Kingdom lake...Great skiing, because they have ocean-sized boats there that put out a really big wake:hurray:

07-18-08, 12:19 PM
Barnegat Bay, N.J. out of Forked River and travel down to Little Egg harbour at the south end of Long Beach Island. all salt water - beter boyancy

calm riding conditions most mornings and evenings but can be like a washing machine mid day on weekends from all the boats.

Haven't done the inlet or ocean yet but will get out this summer or fall when the surf lays down.

04-01-11, 07:18 PM
Lake Anna, Virginia...Its great during the week. very peaceful.. no one on the lake during the week...water is flat...But weekends keep away...its dangerous....to many drunk fools...

07-22-11, 02:13 AM
lake george NY for the summers, then sarasota FL for the rest of the year.

09-05-11, 07:28 PM
I'm in Alabama, and I live and ride on Logan Martin Lake. It's usually quiet on the lake all week, but then gets a lot busier on the weekends.