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05-10-08, 10:15 PM
just like to say your forum help me out on buying my first set jet skis never owned one.Till now i search awile looking at different ones, had your checklist printed out and help me to know what to look for and ask about, i took them out today they run great only thing i see was wrong is gas hand didnt work on either of them is this hard to fix, these have the tempture light battery light oil light all in that gauge i payed $4000 for the pair they are both 95 GTX seadoo 3 seaters i uploaded a picture thanks for the help guys

05-10-08, 11:16 PM
Good deal Ronnie. They look pretty good. Here is how to check the fuel sender units;

Checking sending unit resistance

You need to check the Pink and Pink/Black wire coming out of the baffle tube in the gas tank. The sending unit works off resistance. Pull the plug apart at the tank, and use an ohm meter to check for resistance between the two pink wires. The resistance will be different depending on how much fuel is in the fuel tank. If you get no resistance, remove the clamps off the sender, and pull the sending unit out of the fuel tank. Check the magnets on the float in the sending unit. To get to the float out, pop the bottom off and look for the 4 magnets on the float. If they are missing use a strong magnet to get them out of the tank bottom. If they are dirty clean them and re-insert it back in the baffle tube and check the wires again to check for readings of resistance depending on where the float is in the baffle tube. If still no reading of resistance replace the sender. If you get readings, check continuity of wiring to gauge. If all wiring checks out ok the gauge is bad. Keep me posted on your progress.


All Things Custom
05-12-08, 05:45 PM

If you do not have resistance and the magnets are still attached then send me a PM I have a reasonable fix for you.

This is very common on all seadoo baffles.

05-17-08, 02:17 PM
i owne a new ski but those with the flat hull are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! DONUTS ALL DAY !!!!!!!!!!