View Full Version : 02 Challenger 2000 240 efi parts?

06-08-10, 09:17 PM
Sorry for being such a noob but, I have been searching around on parts catalogs, and calling local dealers and cannot find a nice stainless steel impeller or intake grate for my boat?? Why is it so hard to find? Does this boat use the same intake grate and impeller as a 180 or 230?

So, my first question is where can I find these parts for my boat?

My second set of questions is, can you put an impeller on the boat that will add some top speed?

Is it safe to raise the rev limiter past 6k, like say up to 7k+ to squeeze a lil more juice out of it?

What kind of performance mods can you do to these motors/boats to get a lil more top speed and holeshot out of them?

I'm big into car performace, have hot rods, but am dumb when it comes to boat performance, thanks in advance for any help, Thanks!

Dr Honda
06-08-10, 09:42 PM
I hate to say it... but you bought the wrong boat if you want to mod it.

SeaDoo no longer supports the Merc drives. Any parts you will be able to get are from your local Merc dealer.

And... as far as I know... no one makes aftermarket grates for the Sport jet. Skat-Trak will rework your stock impeller if you are looking for a little more pitch.

As far as raising the rev limiter... it's a fuel injected engine. It may not be a trivial thing. There may not be any fuel maps past 6000 rpm in the ECM. If you want it to rev higher, you will have to run an aftermarket fuel injection system. But then the next issues you will run into are if the gear box can take the extra load and RPM's... and what kind of pressure will you produce in the pump. You may just blow the nozzle off. Also, since you are dealing with hydraulics... an extra 1000 RPM may be putting a magnitude more torque and stress on the drive system. (gears and shafts)

I'd say to sell the boat, and get a Rotax powered boat. You can get all kinds of upgrades for them.