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05-06-08, 11:29 PM
Hey guys, last year I did something that I'm regretting. After 2 years of constantly having to work on my 93 Yamaha jet ski I finally sold it. Now that summer is coming back in I'm kicking myself for doing so. I'm looking to purchase a new Seadoo at the end of the season (going to try to hold off till I get some more money saved up) and I've been doing my homework on jet ski's and its a no brainer, Seadoo has be best technology out on the market now. But, I'm worried about which engine option I should get. I want to get the Wake but I'm really unsure about getting the supercharger. The added 60 ponies makes it a very tempting offer but I plan on keeping this ski for a while and I know that superchargers really cut the engine life. I want to be able to pull myself (210 lbs), the ballast system, and up to 200 lbs of wake boarder behind me.
1) Does the 155 motor have enough grunt to get the job done or will I have to step up to the 215?
2) Are dealers willing to let me take the 155 out on the water for half a day to see if its the motor I need?
Thanks guys and gals in advance.

05-06-08, 11:44 PM
Welcome to the seadoo forum joshslu. I felt the same way before buying my 200 speedster. I decided to buy the model with the naturally aspirated intake. It pushed 310 hp. (2) 155 hp apposed to the supercharged 435hp. Just after break in I met another owner with the supercharged engine. We race around for about an hr, we both had full tanks of fuel. He ate up twice the fuel, and he only pulled away from me at peak speed of 55-60...than he only walked away. From the bottom up to about 50mph was no difference at all because the supercharger didn't do anything to the low to mid power range or speed. It just helped the top end and it got 1/2 the economy. He admitted he should of bought the 310 and not the supercharged. I now this is the speedster but the engines are the same ...both 4-tec engines. oh yea less maintenance too. Good luck on your decision.


05-07-08, 12:29 AM
Thanks Karl, that's exactly what I needed to hear.


05-07-08, 03:03 AM
its true that punching it (215) and racing does eat up the gas, but I have found that when just crusing and mid RPMs my RXP get the same 90-100 miles as my friends Yamaha GPR 1300. With that said wake boarding involves a lot of punching from a standstill so...i think you will be all right with a 155 I know a father and son who go out all the time with the wake and have no problems

05-07-08, 03:46 AM
I'm not all about the going fast on the water. I like to cruise around at my own steady conserative pace. But I wanted enough pop at a stand still to get skiers and boards out of the water. I test rode a GTI SE 155 this time last year and it was night and day between that and my 93 Yamaha. I took it easy on the machine because the hour meter only read 1 hr. but I did take it up to 50 and that was penty fast for me. Rare for a 23 year old I know.

05-09-08, 03:52 PM
Alright, so i went down to my local Sea-Doo dealer today (about an hour away in Wilmington) and talked to them about the Wake series. They had the 215 on the floor but they had a few both 215 and 155's in the back. I got a price quote from them for 13,600 OTD for a 155 wake. Retail for the ski is 11.5K but the other 2 is for lifetime winterize and summerize, cover, aluminium Triton trailer, 1 year extended warrenty, full tank of fuel and any 2 jackets of my choice that are on the showroom floor, I'm guessing about 100 to 150 dollar value. Is this a good deal? I'm planning on not spending more that 13 total OTD for the ski and I know I can talk them down some, but how much should I be settling for?