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05-25-10, 08:57 AM
I took my new (used) utopia out and had several issues... I was left stranded - my tether came off by accident when I was doing around 50 mph and then the engine wouldn't start... about an hour earlier, we ahd stopped for a bit and the engine had a tough time starting as well.... turns over, plenty of spark, could hear the fuel pump, could smell fuel, so I was stuck... buddy of mine came to rescue me and he checked the tether - it was ok... then checked the schrader(sp?) valve and it did not have fuel... I then turned the key and fuel came through, engine started and problem solved - for now.... is this a fuel pump issue?... what would have caused what seemed to be an air pocket in the fuel?... was this a fluke?...

As well, not sure if related, but when travelling at higher rpm's, when I turn right, the steering seemed resistant and the rpm's went down?????...

that can't be right but what in the heck could that be????

any thoughts would be appreciated...

Dr Honda
05-25-10, 09:28 AM
I'm not real good with the Merc engines... but if you have air in the pressure port... then you aren't putting any fuel into the injector rail. (the port is on the regulator side)


1) your regulator could be bad, and it's not letting the fuel get up to the injectors. (it's not opening)

2) there is no fuel in your vapor separator.

If it's #2... then you need to first check to see if fuel is coming out of the water separator. If there is, then you need to check the float along with the needle and seat. Then... check the fuel pump in the vapor separator.

I would start at the rail, and hook a pressure gauge to it, and take it for a ride. Make sure you are getting around 35 psi all the time. (idle to high speed) If it's high, you have a bad regulator, if it's low... it could be a regulator or pump.

Unfortunately, that fuel system is so complex... there is no easy answer. You need to go to the lake with some tools, and start troubleshooting.

Good luck