View Full Version : 97 Challenger throttle cable

04-30-08, 05:37 PM
Hi,have 97 challenger.Throttle handle moves very loosely,does not raise rpms,guessing broken cable.any thoughts on what next,how to take apart,source for cable Thanks gary

04-30-08, 05:50 PM
Welcome to the seadoo forum Gary. I have a 1997 Challenger 787 single engine also.To check the cable you can watch the cable at the carbs and push it to forward position and see if it moves the carb linkage. You might have to remove the Black air box and the spark arrester to get a look at the cable end. It goes from the side gunnel on the right side of the boat, to the carbs on the same side from the front. To remove the cable remove the 4 screws on the control handle and than the 4 screws under the cover plate. Pull the control handle up and out of the boat. Push the handle and see the cable you need to remove. The cable also goes to the steering as in that model it has a accelerator option that gives throttle in full lock position. you have to get to the end of the cable through the front storage box to remove the cable. Install it the reverse of removal. The cable retails at seadoo dealer for $180.00. Part # 204-390-069. I searched all over and wound up getting it at the local dealer.
I hope this helps you.