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04-30-08, 10:42 AM
Hello ALL!

Need a quick word of advice.
1997 SeaDoo XP
said to have approx 80HRS
2001 Yamaha 1200R

The XP will obviously be cheaper in purchasing cost but what would be the better PWC?
What will have more punch as a 2 seater?
What do you think I should be paying for each?
Does the 3 cylinder of the Yamaha alot better?

Thanks for your time everyone. I look forward to buying a ski by the end of this week, hopefully!

04-30-08, 11:51 AM
I am not sure of the yamaha but I do own a 97 XP it has the (787) motor at 110 HP, speed would be around 55 mph. Depending on what you are looking to spend and if this your fist SKI this would be a great choice reliable, easy to fix and lots of fun.

Big K
04-30-08, 11:59 AM
I would deffinately go with the Sea-Doo. Sea-Doo has more expierence making and distributeing engines and produced more engines then Yamaha. And the XP has less hours.

04-30-08, 04:10 PM
I hate to be one sided, but I am SEADOO!!!!!

04-30-08, 05:03 PM
I've had a gp1200r, you wouldn't be happy with it. After you go Sea-Doo, everything else feels like floating Doo-Doo.

All Things Custom
04-30-08, 05:04 PM
both good skis but I am going to have to go with the group here... Seadoo Rocks...

Easy maintenance, Seadoo is the easiest watercraft to work on hands down. and the 787 is a great almost bulletproof motor.

The yamaha will run faster but will cost more. and maintenance down the road will be more expensive.

Seadoo has mastered the watercraft industry and for good reason. They know what they are doing.

the 787 will pull close to the 1200 what does that tell you right there? 2 cylinders at over 400 cc smaller and still competetive. Also 2 cylinders means less rotating mass 1 less of almost everything to go bad.... Piston Carb rings bearings etc....

seadoo has been running circles around the competition for years with smaller motors. 750's from other manufacturers couldnt touch the 580's by seadoo the 1050 in my polaris is a boat ancor compared to my 787 seadoo etc etc etc....

:) wow now im sounding one sided.... LOL

04-30-08, 09:13 PM
1999 SeaDoo XP

I dont know the hours on the hours, was told there is no hours counter but guy says it has approx 70-80.

asking $3500 USD
planning to pay $3000 USD

I live in canada so i have to pay 12% tax on it when i bring it back into the country. So much for freaking free trade.

04-30-08, 09:34 PM
I checked the book price that is a good ballpark, not perfect but a basis ti start from claims the 1999xp with a trailer should be worth $3280.00-$3690.00 usd. here is the link for you to see.;http://www.nadaguides.com/default.aspx?LI=1-24-38-5697-0-0-0&l=1&w=24&p=38&f=5698&m=1463&d=1600153909&y=1999&ml=S&gc=MR&gtc=MR


05-01-08, 11:21 AM
ok I know this question is just dumb. BUt the '99 Xp is a 2 seater....right....?