View Full Version : Wow a 96 spx does 71mph stock?

04-29-08, 09:49 AM
If there is one thing that annoys me is when people say stupid crap like this. More often then not, I meet someone with an old ass like 94 xp that says his ski does 80mph. This guy isn't any better http://eastnc.craigslist.org/boa/659759851.html
He also had it posted as a 98 spx until I shot him an email to correct him and he emailed me back "oh, I'm sorry I had no idea, it still does 71mph tho".

04-30-08, 01:08 AM
He's a dealer. They all talk smack.......I'm sure he knows that ski won't do 70 but why does he care? All he wants to do is talk smack to get the sale. Funny thing is if you buy it and take it out, then bring it back and tell him it only went 50, he'd say somthing like, "oh well, that's what the last owner said when I bought it from him".........there all buttheads...:ack: