View Full Version : do I have a bad fuel lift pump?

05-04-10, 02:13 PM
Islandia 2004 with single Merc 240 efi

Trying to start for first time this season. Ran fine last season.

Lanyard on. In neutral. Battery charged and tested. Water flowing.

Starter cranks. Plugs have spark. Engine will not fire.

Acts like it has no gas. (plugs dry when I pull them).

The fuel lift pump clicks loudly when I first put the key into 'on' position. The manual says it should run for ~5sec to pull fuel to the engine-driven pulse fuel pump, but the noise I'm hearing is a loud clicking (bad solenoid?)?

Seems like this would explain my problems, but is there a simple way that a mechanical noob (me) can check this?

Thanks in advance for any replies........ JB

05-06-10, 09:43 PM
Grab a test light and make sure you have a good power and ground to the pump when you cycle the key. If that's OK pull the outlet hose of the pump and run a hose from the outlet on the pump to a container. Cycle the key and make sure you have good flow. if you don't you need a pump, but if you do the problem is with the vapor separator or the high pressure pump. PM me if you need a run down on the high pressure side.