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punto gt
04-27-08, 02:31 PM
hi im pretty new to the forum, and new to jetskis, i recently purchased a 96/97 seadoo 750 spx
ive had it out a few times and have flushed it out after use
but today when i was out in it, i dont hold it full pelt, but after me and my brother trying to get on, it must have been too much weight, im 11 stone, hes about 12, we fell off a couple of times, and held it on its side to drain the water..
after a good couple of few min blasts, after you opened it up, the revs just sort of died and woudlnt go faster, fist i thought, it was seizing, but just thinking possible, spark?

any suggestions?

04-28-08, 12:27 AM
Welcome to the seadoo forum punto qt. It might have gotten wet. I would use a water repelling spray like wd-40 to dissipate the water and help it start again. Check the plugs and add new ones if possible and it should fire back up. Keep us posted.


punto gt
04-28-08, 06:34 AM
hi it was firing back up, but the problem was it would go so fast then just drop the revs off, and not go any faster, like it would go say for instance it does 60-65mph, it would go to say 30 and not let it go any faster?

any sugestions?

04-28-08, 08:40 AM
change your plugs and NEVER use wd40 anywhere under your seat because it will cause corrosion and deterioration of your gaskets.