View Full Version : Going to look at a Utopia 185, what to look for?

04-20-10, 12:47 PM
I'm going up to DC this weekend to look at a Utopia 185 for sale... seems like it's good shape from the pics, but we'll see when I get there. Any suggestions on things I should check? I used to have a 2003 Sportster with the 951, so I'm reasonably familiar with these boats but the Merc engine/pump is new to me... It's at a dealer that sells I/O boats and services Mercury, so I'm hesitant to ask them to check out the engine for me as I'd assume bias. They've stated everything is in perfect order... My checklist so far:

* hull damage (last boat had unseen damage underneath when I bought it)
* bilge cleanliness
* evidence of corrosion in/around engine compartment
* impeller and wear ring/housing clearance
* electrical system working, lights, blower, stereo, etc
* engine compression? never done that before, seems hard to do with saleperson standing there

On test drive:
* holeshot, cavitation
* unusual engine noise at particular RPMs (think I read about that somewhere here)

Any other advice welcome!