View Full Version : best way to add temp guage to merc 210

01-27-10, 01:16 PM

Thanks for the previous help guys.

I would really like to add a temp guage to my 2000 challenger 2000.
It has a newly rebuilt engine and I want to keep it in tip top shape by being able to monitor any temp problems.

What is the best sending unit & guage and whre/how should I install it.



01-30-10, 01:34 PM
I can't help with the location in the dash, but my 200 had a capped lead coming off the port side temperature sensor that was meant for adding a temperature gauge (tan lead). I just ordered a Mercury gauge off Ebay, but any dealer can get one for you. The only thing is they make them in different temp ranges (100-240 and 60-140 for example) so be sure to get a lower range one as the Sport-Jet tends to run really cool.


01-31-10, 05:16 PM
After digging behind dash I found a wired gauge hookup that includes the tan wire that is not hooked up to anything!

I assume this is for a temp gauge - now if I can only find a matching gauge that has the same plug in as the rest of the gauges

- or I'll have to cut it up and try it with the Fariah gauge I bought

- does anyone know if the calibrations for different makes of gauges (temp) are far off? IE will it be accurate?